Terrible Twos

November 19, 2008

When Mrini neared the two-year-mark, for a while she did become a bit tantrum-ish. From time to time, she would hurl herself on the ground, cry furiously. We ignored her and never gave in to whatever she wanted, and this phase passed. She still throws the occasional tantrum, but it is very very occasional, and not very severe either.

Tara never seemed very inclined to tantrums. So today, when she threw what appeared to be a tantrum at lunchtime, she got me. She got me angry, bewildered, upset and, by the end of it, completely drained. I shouted at her, ignored her, reasoned with her, held and comforted her, and turned away from her, but in the end the only thing that worked was to put her to bed still wailing loudly, and then, in less than 60 seconds, she was silent and presumably asleep.

Which is all very well for her, and she’s most likely to wake up smiling and back to normal, but I’m still worn out by the exhibition. I feel guilty and puzzled – what did I do wrong and what should I not have done. All I did was to tell her to eat with the spoon (she was fishing bits of veggies out of the sambhar with her fingers, and then rubbing her messy hands on her head!).

Sigh. Sometimes this parenting thing is not so much fun.

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