More than half way… or less?

So, obviously, I’ve lost track of the days. I think I’m at Day 43, but to be honest, I can’t really count that far. 🙂

I do know that 43 is not more than half way to 90. But then, the thing is, I’m not counting up to 90 anymore anyway. Being the restless sort, when I realized that my book was coming along lickety-split*, I promptly informed my boss that he could have me back sooner, if he had some work for me. Of course he did. And so I’m to join back in just over three weeks from now.

(*That’s an actual word, by the way. You wouldn’t have thought it, but Webster’s says it is. You could also, apparently, say lickety-brindle, or lickety-cut, but those I’ve never heard of.)

Originally, I’d planned to go on holiday if I managed to get my book written before my leave ran out. I wasn’t at all sure I would get the thing written in 90 days, but then, I’m never sure of any writing project until it’s half done. When it became clear that it was half done, I planned a nice ten-day trip to (where else?) Leh. But, sigh, I had to give it up in the end.

Why? Well… I have to admit that I’m not optimistic about finding a publisher for this book, much less one who’ll give me a nice fat advance. It’s not exactly mainstream, this one. (Not that the others have been mainstream either, but this one is a little further out.) I’ve looked very briefly at the self-publishing options, but I’m not enthused by them. All the same, how long can you wait and hope?

And so, I’ve set myself a deadline. If I keep trying to find a publisher and nothing happens by the end of next year, I’m going to take all four of my unpublished books and go the self-publishing way. And that costs money – quite a bit of money. More than I’ve made from my books so far (which is a pittance, actually).

As I’ve said before, taking unpaid leave to write a book that you’re fairly certain is never going to make you money is pretty stupid… well, we’ll call it a labor of love, but it’s still pretty stupid. Spending more money to make that manuscript an actual book is… well, never mind. In short, it makes sense to skip the holiday and get back to work.

Meanwhile, I haven’t done any work on the books I had planned to edit. As it turned out, I wasn’t capable of writing one book in the first half of the day and editing another in the second half. I was so utterly involved in the book I was writing that I practically couldn’t think of anything else. So there’s still some work to be done, that I thought would keep me busy for the next three weeks.

But then… I sent my book to my mother to read and she came back with so much feedback that it seems I will need to do a major revision to it right away. There goes the next three weeks. And I have a long to-do list (more of a wishlist, really) of things I’d like to get done while I’m on “holiday”.

So while I seem to be more than half way through my leave, it turns out that I might well be less than half way through my work. This is where things start to get interesting.

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