Day 19

It appears that whether one is on leave or not, the weekends don’t get any easier.

To start with, I finally bought a phone. I mean, it’s time to face facts, and Nokia’s Symbian platform is as dead as it gets. That’s what I’ve been using for the past couple of years. Now since I had this money that I had to figure out how to spend, buying a phone made sense. I hate doing this, though, because it takes easily a week or so before you have everything back to normal, working the way you expect it to.

I gave in and ordered the phone on Friday morning. On Saturday morning, before I had even organized sufficient cash at home, the phone was delivered. Online shopping is such a pain.

It’s an Android phone, so the next thing was to figure out how to get all my contacts into it – porting from Nokia to Android isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a pain. It took the better part of the weekend to get it done. Blue-toothing the contacts across didn’t work, for reasons that are unclear to me. In the end, Amit had to find me a really old version of Nokia software that would allow me to export my contacts as a csv file and then I could import it into gmail. After that, all that remained was to make sense of the apparently ~1300 contacts I had somehow managed to acquire. I honestly expected it to be no more than 200 or so. I still don’t know where the other one thousand odd contacts came from.

And then, of course, I had to spend Saturday afternoon at the service provider’s shop, trying to get a micro sim.

The kids, meanwhile, had been invited to a sleep over on Saturday. And when the kids are away, the parents go out to play, right? So we grabbed the opportunity to spend Saturday evening at a very nice place called the Arbor Brewing Company. Apart from the rain and the curfew imposed by the Metro, which runs the last train at the ridiculous hour of 10.15, it was a fun evening.

Sunday, as usual, went by in a blur. There was plenty of gardening work awaiting my attention. We had a lot of fun disentangling our bougainvillea from our gulmohar tree, the former of which being intent on smothering the latter. Then we harvested a good crop of double beans and a few small egg plants. And the rest of the day passed by in doing the normal things, like going out for lunch, going to the library, doing the most minimal grocery shopping I could get away with, scraping up a dinner of leftovers, and working my way through a huge pile of ironing that I had neglected for all of two days. Of such exciting activities are Sundays made.

And now, it’s back to work. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Thank god for Mondays! I’d never get through the week without them.

Because the best way to harvest beans is by climbing up on a high wall and talking on your new phone.

And it works!



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