Day 7

One week over!?! Where did it go?

I’d thought it would be difficult to disengage myself from work, but surprisingly, it hasn’t been. It only took a couple of days of telling myself to forget about it, and a weekend, and then it was done.

It helps that I’ve immersed myself in my various research topics. I’m literally swimming in information – in over my head, in some places, wading purposefully through in a few. It’s fun and it’s amazing. There’s a whole other world out there – several worlds, even entire universes, perhaps, if one believes all that one reads. (One might, if one could in fact understand the half of it. Did I mention relativity?)

Usually, when I’m writing a book, I shoot for a thousand words a day. Everyday. Weekends and all. And usually it’s while I’m working, so that’s a stretch, a tough stretch. Now this time I have three months. That’s 90 days, but if you take away weekends, it’s about 65 days. And that’s not all.

A three month break from work is too good an opportunity to pass up, right? So obviously I’m hoping to sneak in a bit of a holiday. Two weeks is not too much to hope for, is it? But my deal with myself is that I only get a holiday if my book is in decent shape – done or almost done and doable. If it’s in a half-baked state, I have to stay at home and work.

So that’s a very powerful motivation to get the book done by the end of September. Now, considering that I’m expecting this book to run to about 60k words, and the end of September is only nine weeks away… things are not looking so good right now.

Because how many words have I in fact written so far? None at all. I’ve been busy, mind you, it’s not as if I’ve been wasting time. It’s just… this book, if it ever gets written, is going to be all over the place and I’m trying to figure out where all it’s going to go before I dive in.

The trouble with figuring out is, you never know how much is enough.

So, I might start writing tomorrow, or I might start on Monday. Or, what the heck, I might start right now.


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