Pleasantly Green

June 8, 2015

The view from my bedroom window. There’s a jasmine at the window ledge, and down below there’s bougainvillea, a java cassia, and what’s supposed to be a golden shower tree, but I suspect is something else. And outside the gate, there’s a jacaranda still only ten feet tall. All planted by Amit and me two years or so ago.002

The view from my balcony. More bougainvillea, a creeper that was supposed to be an ice cream creeper but isn’t, and an akash mallige tree shooting up to the first floor balcony.

003006And looking the other side, the same view that you get from the bedroom, only better.


My back lawn – somewhat tidied up. We’re left with only frangipani, custard apple, chickoo, lemon, neem, and curry leaf, now that we’ve uprooted five banana trees and a sad looking papaya.

007 The veggie patch: bare, now that we don’t have a gardener to help, but neat after three exhausting weekends of raking and weeding. Double beans, beets, egg plant, chilli, and tomato are hanging in there even now.


The pride and joy of my gardening life – my baby java cassia; he’s going to be a giant when he grows up…


The recalcitrant jasmine that I’ve spent many weekends attempting to tame


My gulmohar, reaching for the skies. Hopefully she will flower next season.


Phew! Exhausting, but satisfying.

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