My Daily Fix

It’s like a drug, this thing. I’ve been hooked for months and I just can’t stop. I’ve been telling myself at the end of each installment: “This is it. Now I’m going to stop. I’m not going to waste any more time and money on this.” But it doesn’t work. I promptly go and buy the next installment and am deep into it before the night is over.


George RR Martin and his Game of Thrones, or Song of Ice and Fire as it’s more properly called. What a book. What a world! The characters, the events, the drama, the politics, the scheming manipulations. It’s like nothing I’ve ever come across before. I haven’t watched the TV series (yet; I will, though, I will) but I can just imagine it. I love the way the story unravels at its own leisurely pace, unravels and unravels and unravels like an endless carpet of words. I love the plotting and intrigue. I love the characters. I especially love how, though he starts off with black and white characters, they develop slowly, slowly, over the course of five thousand pages (or is it more; I’ve lost count) till each of them has shades of the other. You can understand what motivates each of them. You can admire them – at least certain aspects – even the ones you are supposed to dislike.


After Book 1, I was a bit disappointed. So many things didn’t join up, didn’t come to any kind of satisfactory ending at all. I went on to read other stuff, but it pulled me back. It did. I had to know what happened to all those people, especially to Arya Stark. So I went into Book 2. In Book 2, I decided that magic and fantasy thing weren’t my thing. I would plod through this one (having bought it, after all) and then stop. But that was when I was in the middle of Book 2. By the end, I knew I wasn’t going to stop. At least, not now. Maybe after Book 3. Book 3 had 2 parts, though. I looked longingly at it online, and then went and bought the combined version – 1218 pages! (Thank god for ebooks.)


I’m done with that now, and I didn’t even bother to pause before downloading the fourth book. It’s become my daily fix now. I can’t go to sleep without it. I am not entirely pleased with all the plot points, I must admit. I never liked the way he killed off Ned Stark in book 1 and various other favourites have been killed off since. But like I said… good or bad, I just can’t stop. I want to know what happens, but I don’t want it to end.

3 Responses to My Daily Fix

  1. I’m one of those GoT fanatics who whoop whenever I find someone who seems to be so into it too! I’m only on the second instalment because I also watch the TV series so I’m trying to avoid any spoilers. But I’d love to hear your thoughts so if you have any reviews up, please let me know!

  2. Nish says:

    you know…I knew when I saw the title on your FB what your post would be about 😀

  3. rainanderson says:

    Glad to read you’re hooked on Martin. I think the TV show is marvelous!! The books are much better though, a lot more scope for imagination.


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