Eight Months Later

October 17, 2013

In February this year, our lawn looked like this.


The experts had come and been paid a king’s ransom to plant grass. They had planted in November or so, last year. Almost three months before this picture was taken. Clearly, something was not working.

Then, in June, it looked like this.


We had given up on the front part of the lawn altogether and had it ripped out. Below a scant inch of mud, there was a thick layer of cement and construction dust. We had the entire front part excavated (by hand! hard work) to a depth in some places of almost a foot. Then we filled in the cavity with a ton of coco peat and compost. That’s what gave it that rich, black look.

Then we planted grass – no experts with their fake advice and half-baked ideas. We bought the grass ourselves, and planted it ourselves. It was a long, hard day’s work, but at the end of it, it looked like this.

We had separated each sapling and planted it painstakingly at first, but then, as the day wore on and the pile of grass waiting to be planted remained largely undiminished, we gave up and just spread the sod out like a blanket. “We’ll do the sapling work later,” we thought. But the sod settled down happily and grew roots and “later” never happened.




In a couple of months, the entire front cavity that we had excavated was flourishing – a small pond of green.


So now for the next step. We ripped out the rest of the scraggly-straggly lawn, and in August, just as the kids’ birthday party was upon us, three-fourths of our “lawn” looked like this.


Lovely, ain’t it?

Well, we knew what to do and how to do it, so it was only a matter of getting our hands dirty. We ordered a ton of cocopeat and two tons of compost (or thereabouts) and got some help in filling out that Olympic sized swimming pool. I planted the last installment of grass all on my own, in the first week of September (or thereabouts).

And now, six weeks on, it looks like this! Voila!


Morals of the story:
Hard work pays.
The “experts” don’t know nuffin. (Our “expert” told us the soil was fine, our grass wasn’t growing because we weren’t watering it enough. Or our water was bad (being recycled gray water, you see). )
Who says grass is only for Wimbledon?
Hey, perhaps I can set up as a home-grown lawn consultant.

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