The JBFV Syndrome*

Man, I really need a break.

You know why, don’t you? Yes, you’re right, we just got back from holiday. And everyone knows there’s nothing more tiring than getting back from holiday.
*The JBFV Syndrome = Just Back From Vacation (and now I need a holiday) Syndrome
The holiday itself wasn’t tiring. All we did was:

  • Get up by 6.30 a.m. every day (except yesterday, when we indulged ourselves and slept till 7)
  • Play tennis – four hour-long sessions, one by floodlight
  • Go swimming – eight hour-long sessions, much of the time spent in trying to teach the kids not to drown
  • Read – only two books, but that’s more than I normally get through even when I’m on holiday
  • Eat – 14 meals out, the rest at home, but rich enough and varied enough to be counted as eating out
  • Drink – On ten different occasions! Mostly beer, with little bits of wine and vodka from time to time
  • And make merry – We met his father, my parents, his brother, sister-in-law, and niece, my sister and brother-in-law, his uncle and aunt, and my aunt

Aside from that, we spent about 40+ hours in plane and train, and a good bit in automobile.

We spent two nights away from the kids, to allow them to spend two whole days of unfettered, unsupervised time with Amit’s dad. It’s the first time we’ve done such a thing. The kids haven’t even done a sleepover at a friend’s house till now.

And we also got around to visiting two of the houses where I’d grown up, one in Chandigarh, one in Delhi. Both these houses are special to me. The one in Delhi is where I got married from – in a simple civil ceremony in the front garden with all of thirty people attending. The one in Chandigarh is the one I associate with the halcyon days of my childhood, where I lived from the age of six or so, till about ten. (You’ve probably read this post already, maybe even several times over, since I keep referring to it. Well, this is the house that post refers to.) We were extremely fortunate to find this house currently unoccupied, so we went in and walked around the front and back garden. It’s all a little different – many of the fruit trees I remember are gone – but it wasn’t different enough to be disappointing, as these trips down memory lane sometimes can be.



All in all it was a highly satisfactory and relaxing (!!) holiday, ten days well spent. We came back several kilos heavier than we left – and that’s only the luggage I’m talking about! 😉

So why am I complaining?

Well, we got home at 2 p.m. on Monday. Then all we had to do the rest of the day was to:

  • Clean the whole damn house – including wiping all horizontal surfaces with a damp cloth.
  • Get groceries. Thankfully, I didn’t have to cook, since our cook did turn up, so that was one thing less to worry about.
  • Unpack – because otherwise we wouldn’t have anything from shoes to toothbrushes in the places where we need them to be. We had two big bags and two small bags full of stuff.
  • Figure out how to turn on the gas (which had been turned off). There are three separate knobs that control this and we weren’t sure how many or which of them had been turned off, so this was a nontrivial exercise, especially since we couldn’t even have a cup of coffee till we got this done.
  • Drag out half a dozen palm fronds that had fallen off our neighbours’ coconut trees and then pick up at least twenty rotten mangoes that littered the lawn. The palm fronds are pretty heavy, not to mention unwieldy, and the rotten mangoes are squishy and yucky and I have a thing about worms crawling out of them like you see in horror movies (usually coming out of people’s eyes or mouth, dead or alive) so it wasn’t all that much fun.
  • Water the lawn. The flowers died (three small pots of verbena – the others were dead already), of course, but the grass, and almost all the other plants survived. The boug thrived. The grass didn’t look as bad as I’d expected.
  • Get our living room furniture and set it in place and then sit around and admire it and then expend a large volume of energy exhorting the kids not to stand, jump, or bounce on it and preferably not to even sit on it or touch it. Phew!
  • Turn on the broadband, to find it’s not working. Turn on the backup broadband, to have the modem’s power supply blow up in our faces. File a complaint for the former and go out and procure a new power supply for the latter.
  • Get and consume a small bottle of white wine in celebration of the above (and accomplish this without staining the shiny-new upholstery).
  • Get the kids fed and watered (well, bathed) and to bed.
  • Get ourselves to bed.

As long as we were on holiday, I was so well rested that even if I got to bed at 11.30, I still wanted to read for half an hour before falling asleep. You know the holiday’s over when you get into bed at 10.15 and can’t stay awake long enough to turn off the light.

Our Living Room – Before…


…And After




7 Responses to The JBFV Syndrome*

  1. Jiju says:

    The sofas are lovely and I am happy you had a wonderful vacation.


  2. Sofas at last!!! They are rather shiny though. Will we be able to sit on them when we come over, I wonder. But what a lovely vacation you’ve had. I can’t think of including anything better than a visit to your childhood house/childhood haunts and reliving some if not all memories.
    Hope to talk to you soon.

  3. poupee97 says:

    Supriya – They are a bit shiny. 🙂 A little “hotel-ish” I must admit, but they look nice and anyway, the sheen will soon wear off.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can drop a cup of coffee to take off the sheen!!

  5. Nish says:

    Wow, your house looks so grand now…I like it, and your vacation sounds lovely 🙂

  6. Christina says:

    Wow… Looks lovely…. Has it been so long since I last visited your home?

  7. poupee97 says:

    Chris: No, the furniture came only two weeks ago… not that long. It’s a good enough reason for you to visit, though. 🙂

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