Hey, Where’s the Coffee Machine?

Now that I’m married to an upcoming entrepreneur, I have genuine inside insight into the entrepreneurial life. And with all the accumulated wisdom of more than a year, allow me to list for you ten good reasons not to be an entrepreneur.

1. There’s no central airconditioning. In the kind of weather Bangalore is having now, you don’t need any other reason. If you are in a room without aircon during the day, it’s not an office, it’s a sauna.
2. You get to work for the worst boss in the world; one who sets unrealistic expectations, is impossible to please, and won’t take no for an answer.
3. Working flexitime means working all the time, even during dinner.
4. Having a home-office means you sleep in the office, every night. And so does your wife, and so do your kids. There is no home.
5. You get no paid vacation. Wait, let’s rephrase that. You get no pay and you get no vacation.
6. No benefits either.
7. No appraisals, which is good, but no increments either, which is not so good.
8. The stock options are great, if only they were worth the paper they aren’t even printed on.
9. When the internet connection goes down (which it frequently does), you can’t put your feet up and wait for someone else to fix it.
10. After lunch you have to wash the dishes. If you want coffee, you have to make it, and then you still have to wash the dishes. If you don’t – no more coffee!

Need I say more?


One Response to Hey, Where’s the Coffee Machine?

  1. You have to set some rules for yourselves. Like starting and stopping work at a particular time. Like wearing nearly work clothes for working and changing when your work day is at an end. Like taking regular breaks during the day like you would at work. And restrict the work in one room. Like eating is not allowed any place other than the dining table, working should not be allowed any place except the home office room. But rules and Amit Mukherjee will never go together. 🙂

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