Life’s Good (right now, at least…)

I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself today. I’ve had a very busy and very achieving weekend.

I completed and submitted my archaeology assignment – only six days late. Which is not bad, considering I started the module ten days late (and lost more than a week to typhoid in the middle); and especially commendable considering I started writing the assignment two weekends ago, got stuck at the beginning, and practically didn’t touch it again till Friday evening. Three thousand words in one weekend – not bad at all.

I gave my cycle for servicing. And got it back. And took it for a spin. I practically haven’t run up any mileage on it since typhoid a month ago.

I started my exercise regimen for my next trek in November, right on schedule. It’s only 20 minutes of cycling and 5×3 squats as of now, but it’s a start. When it comes to exercise, getting started is a major milestone in itself, at least for me. (What, you didn’t know I was going for a trek in November? Well, I am, and I know it’s going to be damn cold, but still.)

AND, on top of everything else, I managed to watch a movie. In a movie hall. With Amit. Without the kids. That’s happened only four times in the last five years, so now it’s up to a respectable average of once a year. Expendables 2 – junk, but fun.

Did I mention that I managed to complete my Archaeology assignment? That’s a huge load off my chest. This one was from the second year undergrad course and it was more detailed than the first year modules that I’ve done so far. There was a lot more reading involved and not one but two assignments. I started the module late due to the mix-up in course material that was sent to me, so hopefully they won’t cut marks for me sending in the assignment late, but, as usual, I have no idea whether the assignment I’ve sent in is any good or not. They usually delight me with their marking, but I just never know.

This time round, what with having no household help and having to do every damn thing around the house on our own for the past two months, which HAD to coincide exactly with my course AND with my typhoid… it was really tough keeping pace with the coursework. I decided I would put in an hour of studying every morning before getting to work, but leaving home late meant getting stuck in the worst of traffic and wasting half an hour (ok 15 minutes, but it felt like more) crawling forward an inch at a time. So I took to carrying my books in the car, getting past the worst of the traffic, and then stopping on the roadside and studying for as long as I possibly could without getting inexcusably late for work. And also, of course, sitting with my books in the car outside the gym and fending off mosquitos while the kids did their gymnastics.

So yay – now I’ve sent it off AND our cook is back at work (with newborn baby in tow) so I’m going to have loads of time on my hands. My mornings, of course, are now going to be devoted to my enhanced exercise regime, so I’m probably still going to be stuck in traffic. Because, you know, I can’t possibly drive past the traffic jams and then stop on the roadside and do my exercises, can I? No, I can’t – even I draw the line at that.

And my evenings? Amit thinks they’re going to be spent helping him with his website for his business, but you know what? After I’ve done that for a week or so – just for a change, you know, just by way of relaxing and recharging – I’m going to get down to work writing my next book. I’m so looking forward to it – I’ve been itching to start, but until I finished my course, I couldn’t.

The only big thing still pending now is to move into our new home. If only we could have squeezed that into this last weekend as well…


One Response to Life’s Good (right now, at least…)

  1. Pretty good summary of all that is going on. But hey, you need to finish the website before writing the next chartbuster!!

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