I Hate When That Happens

Two weeks or so ago, Tara had a mild fever and headache. Because I’d just recovered from Typhoid, we panicked and rushed her to the doctor, who, of course, said, “Oh, it’s just a viral. All the kids have it,” and charged us 300 bucks for the service. We gave her a dose of Crocin and forgot all about it.

Tara didn’t. Periodically, she would start whimpering and whining and complain of a headache. Or sometimes a stomach ache. But she was always ready to go to school and she didn’t have a fever or any other symptoms of ailment so we largely ignored it. Still, the aches didn’t go away. On Wednesday, she threw up a little bit. But apart from that, she was ok. Of course, she wasn’t eating much of anything – and in an effort to both get her to eat and to cure her headache, (at least by the placebo effect), I told her that her headache was probably because she wasn’t getting enough food and that she should eat a proper lunch. Poor lil thing – she tried her best to eat a “proper” lunch, but several evenings this week she complained of a headache. I was slowly getting worried – a viral should have resolved itself by now anyway – and started to think in terms of going to the hospital tomorrow. Headaches in a child – could be something to worry about. Worst case scenarios started to evolve in my head.

This evening Tara was cranky and irritable (in addition to being irritating). I was also irritable – I’d just been given a shock by somebody and was feeling pretty upset about it; which is to say, I was yelling at everything and everybody that came in front of me. Let’s just say, it was a long and itchy evening. At last it came around to the kids’ bedtime. Tara was almost in tears with her headache and I was at my wits’ end on how to cope with her. She lay down and started crying piteously. Then she sniffed loudly.

And that’s when the penny finally dropped. Her nose was completely stuffed – all the way up. You know how it sounds, when the breath you’re trying to draw doesn’t even make it halfway up your nostrils.

Yeah, that was dumb, dumb, dumb of me. I should have seen that ten days ago – she may not have had a viral at all, just congestion in the head, which this rainy weather isn’t doing anything to improve. That would also account for general crankiness, loss of appetite, and the whole “I’m not exactly sick but I’m not really well either” kind of thing. What a relief – at least I know what to do now and I can start doing it and stop worry. But on the other hand – why didn’t I see it earlier? Just think – a few days of medicine and steam and she would have been all sweet smiles and goodness by now.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Dumb.

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