Road Rage

This happened to me a while ago. I was driving on Outer Ring Road there was one portion where flyover construction work was in progress and the road was narrow and broken. As I was going slowly, suddenly a Mahindra Xylo hit the rear passenger side of my car with his front fender. At once the driver of the other car stopped to look at the damage to his car. As I didn’t want to hold up traffic, I continued to drive.
After this the driver of the other car got back into his car and started to come behind me aggressively.  At the next intersection he came alongside me and started to shout at me. There was another man in the front seat with the driver. I could not see if there was anyone in the back seat. I went on driving, and at the Bellandur intersection I was a little ahead of him, but then he went ahead of me and stopped on the side of the road. He got out of the car and started to run towards my car. As the traffic was moving, I still continued to go forward.
Then the driver of the other car ran back to his car, got in and started to drive at a high speed. By the time we reached the flyover at the Sarjapur-Outer Ring Road intersection, he was chasing me at high speed and trying to get in front of my car to force me to stop. I was very scared by this time and I also started to drive faster, so that he could not cut me off.
On the IBLUR stretch of Sarjapur Ring Road, the Xylo overtook me aggressively and stopped his car on the right lane. His intention was to block me and again the driver got out of the car and came running towards my car, but again I managed to drive by in the other lane and went on ahead.
I drove fast till I reached the flyover at Agara lake. Here I left the flyover on the left and went under the flyover, to take the right fork towards Koramangala. The other car was far behind and I couldn’t see him anymore, so I thought he might have taken the flyover, or maybe he stopped chasing me. But when I cleared the Agara intersection he again came after me and managed to overtake me. Here the road is narrower, so he stopped his car right in front of me, blocking both the lanes of traffic going towards Koramangala. He got out of his car and came to my car and started to shout at me. Luckily, other people started to shout at him telling him to get his vehicle to the side. He did this, and I went past again.
Still, he followed me and when I was just opposite Farsh Italian Marble showroom, he again blocked the whole road and came to my car. He grabbed the handle and tried to open the car door. The door was locked, but he went on trying to open it and telling me to get out. Since I was alone in the car, there was nothing I could do. I was very scared and the only thing I could think of was to call my husband, Amit Mukherjee, and tell him to call the police. I thought if I call the police myself, they might not understand what I am saying, since I was in a panic by then and my hands were shaking and even my voice was unclear.
I told my husband the vehicle number (KA 03D 9620) and make (Mahindra Xylo) and I told him my current location. He immediately called 100 and reported the matter to the police. The person at 100 said that a police van will reach the site immediately but it did not come.  At this time it was 11.30 a.m. I also told my husband that the Xylo had a Jyothi Car Rental written on it, so he called Jyothi Car Rental to lodge a complaint. Jyothi Car rental confirmed that they have a vehicle with the above mentioned registration number and that the name of the driver was Mallesh.
When the driver of the Xylo saw me making a phone call, at last he went back to his car and parked it on the side. Then I continued to drive and after this he did not follow me anymore. By the time I reached Jakkasandra intersection, I stopped at the side of the road and again called my husband to tell him that I was ok. But actually I was still very scared and shaken and could hardly resume my drive to Koramangala.
My husband again called 100 and they told him that I should file a complaint at the HSR Layout police station. Around 12.30 p.m., after finishing my work at Koramangala, I went to the HSR Layout police station at IBLUR, near the Sarjapur Road-Outer Ring Road intersection. There the person I spoke to said they will not register traffic complaints at this police station and I should go to the Madivala Police Station for this. I told him that my husband had called 100 and they had said that a police vehicle would be sent from HSR police station, but he again said they do not handle traffic complaints and he even spoke to my husband on the phone and again said the same thing. So in the end, I could not even file a complaint against the driver, even after being subject to this kind of intimidation and harassment.

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