If Ever…

I’m not the campaigning sort. Most campaigns feel fake to me – designed more to direct publicity towards the campaigner than to actually achieve anything. People who really want to change something quietly go out and do it. The ones who cry themselves hoarse are not the ones who’re really making a difference. That’s what I believe.


So I’m not the campaigning sort myself. The only time I did it, it still felt fake. But – never say never again, they say. So if I were to ever take up arms for or against anything, it would most likely be one of these things (in increasing order of likelihood):


5. Corruption – Particularly, corruption in those fields that deal with aiding underprivileged people. Charitable organizations, relief work, rural schools, hospitals and the like, the public distribution system… anybody who claims to be helping other people and is  illegally getting rich in the process is on my hate list.


4. Waste – Indifference to scarce resources is criminal. Why leave a tap running when you could just as easily turn it off? Why take more than you can eat and then wash it down the drain? Why turn the pump on and go away and let pure drinking water fall over the side of the building and run into the gutter?


3. Fairness creams – The belief that fair skinned people are somehow better than dark skinned people and that fairness is, therefore, something to aspire or pray for… it’s just a perverted form of racism!


2. Cruelty to animals – From pelting stones at street dogs to shark fin soup. I’m not promoting vegetarianism, but can we at least be humane to the animals we tolerate, love, domesticate, or massacre?


1. Sexual assault – It still shocks me that so many kinds of sexual assaults are committed on (mostly) women and children and are either tolerated, or ignored. Why, for instance, should marital rape not be considered rape?


What are the top five things that you would like to change, if you could?

9 Responses to If Ever…

  1. Prakash says:

    Fully agree with all the points. I sometimes feel sad that we humans always have a very short term view of ourselves and our relationship with environment (including people) around us. We want to exploit for short term gain. If only we could enjoy the present as much as we crave for our future.

    In my opinion all these (and probably more) happens when we try to disturb the equilibrium by bringing in our ego. Most of what we do is not to genuinely care and feel, but to satiate our ego.

    On a lighter note, I am now kicked about RTI and I believe that it will bring some transparency.

    Throwing stones on barking dogs who bark at 1 am and wake you up – difficult to resist!

  2. Doug Helms says:

    I’m pretty much with you on those points, Mika. Although here there are laws against all types of rape, including marital.
    (At least, I’m pretty sure there are. I mean, rape is rape, and no means no.)

  3. Amit M. says:

    1. Water wastage.
    2. Condoning corruption even casually in idle conversation.
    3. Encouraging people to take up a sport.
    4. Trekking in the mountains.
    5. Stopping belief in superstitions, like religion, staying home during eclipses etc

    That’s a pretty long list.


  4. Prakash says:

    Amit – Staying at home during an eclipse may prove to be beneficial – lots of people are still getting blinded every year 🙂

    As far as water wastage is concerned – yes, we remind Pragya how you scold M&T for wasting water – “so ja nahi to gabbar aa jayega”!

  5. poupee97 says:

    Prakash: I saw you filed something under RTI. What was that?
    And Amit = Gabbar 🙂

    Amit: You would campaign for trekking in the mountains? I would campaign (if at all) to keep people away! Yes, I want to go and enjoy the mountains, but I think people who genuinely want to do that can find out for themselves. I certainly wouldn’t promote it. It ruins the place.

    Doug: I’m not sure if there’s a law about marital rape in India. There wasn’t, until a year or so ago, but it might have come about recently. But laws belong in court rooms. Changing people and making them realize – even the women – especially the women – that rape is rape even if he’s your husband… that’s a different story.

  6. Jiju says:

    My list has these items:
    Deforestration – Improve the quality of the air we breathe by planting more trees and also trying to retain as much of the green cover we have. They give us life-giving air and we cut them down ruthlessly.
    Smoking – I am against people smoking in public. If they want to spoil their lives, they can, but not at the cost of many innocent people who have to inhale passive smoke.
    Waste segregation – Even educated people are not bothered about segregating plastic and organic waste. People are just plain lazy.

  7. Prakash says:

    Amit – Why only mountains? How about Forests, deserts, arctic ice sheets…

  8. 101dreams says:

    Thanks… This one encouraged me to think of my list 🙂

    The things on your list don’t surprise me… Except perhaps for fairness creams being so high up there on the list perhaps 🙂

  9. 101dreams says:

    […] I happened to see an old blog from AM that talked about the causes that she would consider campaign about (if she had been the campaiging type). This got me […]

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