How Stupid Can You Get?

It’s like the domestic help. Hailing from a small village, poor, underfed, illiterate, they claw their way up some kind of ladder till they can afford to feed, clothe and send to school three children. Then, with a good employer and a stable job, having been a paragon of virtue and hard work for many years, in a moment of weakness (or madness) they do something stupid like slipping some little object or a few small-denomination notes into a pocket and wham! A lifetime of hard work, good karma, reputation for honesty and a stable job goes out the window. For a mere nothing.

This IMF big boss and would-be French Presidential candidate is doing the same thing on a bigger scale. And it’s that much stupider. I mean, you have everything. Presumably – I don’t know the man in person, but presumably – you have position, power, prestige, and lots of money. Your career is going well and you’re going to take a big, huge step. I suppose even for the IMF chief, standing for Presidential election is a big step. So you have everything going for you – how can you throw it all away for sex? After all, sex, like everything else, is available for sale – just throw on some clothes and go shop for it. Why do you want to assault a hapless chamber maid? How attractive can a woman be, or how blindly lustful can a man be, to throw away years of hard work in a few moments of utter stupidity?

Of course, I’m assuming he has thrown it away. Maybe in a few months nobody will care and his career will progress unhindered. That would be a pity. I can have some sympathy for the poor hard-working domestic help who slips up and makes a mistake once, but I’m not wasting any pity on a rich, educated so-and-so who thinks rape is ok.


6 Responses to How Stupid Can You Get?

  1. Amit Mukherjee says:

    Well, the person in question was already reprimanded once for having a relationship with a colleague. This was before he got the top job and although the IMF board considered it “a bad judgement” on his part, they gave him the job anyway. We could now accuse the IMF board of bad judgement.
    If the IMF chief can’t be counted to keep his pants on or wear them if he didn’t have them on to start with (it seems that he stepped out of the bathroom with nothing on and found the said chamber maid in the room), then I am a little concerned about the wisdom of the people who are running this world.

    It is famously said of pilots that they go through hours of boredom and moments of crisis. This must have been THE moment for Mr. Kahn.

    Anyway, good for the New York police that they pulled him out of his first class seat on the flight and arrested him.


  2. Supriya says:

    It’s not for sex. It’s for power – which can be more heady than anything else. He could so he did. But stupid all the same.

  3. Prakash says:

    Bill Clinton survived this! Italian PM does not seem to be affected by this so why should he?

  4. Prakash says:

    Amit – We will see lot of testosterone driven economic policies from IMF 🙂

  5. poupee97 says:

    Supriya: Agreed, but still!

    Prakash: No, the big difference is, Clinton and Berlusconi did not physically assault/force the women. In their cases, probably women are either eager to please, or feel coerced given the situation. But physical assault is different. There is some kind of line between a woman who feels obliged to consent and one who just doesn’t consent.

    If the people of France think attempted rape is ok, on par with a few flings here and there… god help them. (But at least today’s paper thinks his political career is finished. There’s hope yet.)

  6. Prakash says:

    My suspicion is that people may even pardon him even though courts may not… the judgement is very cultural based.I think that lot of people in the western society where there is gender equality may think that it was one of the weak moments. We look at it one way but that may not be true for all socities… Even within our society, assault on women is seen differently depending on the region, caste, class and so on…

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