Worth Every Gasp: Now in Over a Hundred Bookstores in 23 Cities…

February 16, 2011

My publisher finally sent me the entire list of stores that will stock my book! Just as I was beginning to think that maybe they didn’t plan to put it in any brick and mortar shops at all. I’m thrilled to see the whole list!

Ok, the bad news – in Bangalore, Gangarams doesn’t figure. Also, my publisher being mainly north-centric, Crossword and Landmark don’t figure. At least Strand is in the list. (And Sapna, of course.) Also sad to see that Calcutta doesn’t figure at all – and this book would generate a lot of interest there.

But the initial report I have just received indicates that 750 copies of my book have been placed in 102 book shops in 23 cities in India. Wow! Now I feel like an author.

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