Read it? Love it? Pass it on!

August 27, 2010

I’ve written before about how pleased I am about my vital stats. No, not those vital stats – my blog statistics, obviously. Unlike the other vital stats, which really should be going down, I like to see these numbers going up and up and up. My blog archives show that I’m approaching my fifth anniversary in blogland. My dashboard shows that I’m ten-odd posts away from 500 posts. If I add the viewership from my old domain to the viewership here, I’ve garnered about 55,000 page views. The past three months, I’ve been getting around 300 views per week and I’m happy with that. If it goes up to 3000 per week, I’ll be even happier. Writing is meant to be read and the more, the merrier. This is totally a performing art.

From time to time, people ask me (somewhat tentatively) if it’s ok to pass my blog along to someone they know who might enjoy reading it. So I just want to set the record straight. It’s not just alright, it’s what you should be doing already! I mean – a writer has an ego, right? This one has an ego the size of… I don’t know… Jupiter, maybe. If you read the largely frivolous, occasionally entertaining, enormously irrelevant and mind-numbingly mundane stuff I churn out two or three time a week and actually enjoy it, please pass it on. If you can send my vital stats spiraling out of control, I might even take you out for lunch. J

Actually, I can understand the hesitation. Reading this blog is a little bit (ok, a lot) like reading my personal diary. Maybe it seems a little intrusive – voyeuristic, even – to be reading it if I haven’t actually sent it to you. But hey – it’s a blog. It’s not a diary. And however much it might look like I reveal way too many intimate details of my life and personality here, you’ll never know all the things I don’t put out here for you to read. Ok, there’s not that much that I don’t put out here… but believe me, I never forget that this thing is public and I never say more than I’m comfortable having people (even complete strangers) know. So go ahead and read and pass it on to others to read. I expect people to read. I want people to read. Even if you know me. Even if you don’t know me. Even if I know you and don’t like you and don’t want you to be reading this –it’s still perfectly ok for you to be reading it. And passing it on to whoever you think might enjoy it. (Only, don’t pass it along to a real-world stalker, ok, pretty please?)

And by the way, if you’re new here and you happen to forget the URL, don’t worry: you can always find your way back by googling Mrini Tara. (See how helpful I am?)

Oh and of course I love it when my readers leave me a comment, even if I don’t know you at all. But if you don’t, that’s ok too. Lurking is always fun.

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