Their Fourth (Our Third)

The twins’ fourth birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. Four. Wow. I remember the time when I couldn’t look beyond the next day – forget four, I couldn’t even imagine how we’d make it to their second (our first) birthday, almost one whole year away.

Four promises to be a fun year. We’re past the tantrums of two. Toilet training and related accidents are a distant memory. We’re past the hurdle of getting them settled in school. We’re even past the hurdle of me getting back to work, with all the implications that has on the rest of our small family.

(We’re, in fact, at the exact right place to be thinking of getting a younger sibling for the twins. But we’re not thinking of that – heavens, no! Need I remind you that we haven’t actually got the adoption deeds for these two yet? We might get them by the time we approach three full years of being a family – at the end of September – but you can’t count on it. So no, I don’t think our girls are going to get a baby brother, now or at any other time. Adoption laws in India don’t allow us to adopt another girl, even if there are so many more girls than boys looking for a home. Strange, but true.)

So anyway, their fourth birthday, their third with us, is coming up. Four looks like being a good year, because they are so grown up already. They are more eager to help out at home, they are capable of spending long periods of time playing with each other and they are fighting less with each other. They can do most of their own stuff themselves, though they might have to be told (repeatedly and forcefully). They can build long and complex sentences and hold halfway intelligent conversations. They are learning so fast it is both surprising and delightful. By the end of this year, they might even be able to play a proper game of Snakes and Ladders.

We asked them what they wanted as birthday gifts and they both said they wanted five books. Each. We agreed, of course, but we’ll have to get them something else as well, won’t we? I mean, books as birthday gifts is the best one could ever hope for according to me, but for kids under 5 (who don’t yet know how to read), shouldn’t they also get something more like toys?

Meanwhile, I have started thinking about baking. Last year was phenomenal – now what am I going to do this time around? I’m certainly not going to buy cakes, while they’re young enough to appreciate homemade cakes (and I’m young enough to still make them). Cookies seems to be a good option for school. I made two batches today as a test run – butter cookies with almonds on top, and chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips. They both turned out nice enough, though I didn’t have a few essential ingredients, such as chocolate for the chips, cornflour, Pam cooking spray and so on.

The kids have about 30 kids in their class, and another 15 in daycare. Add in adults in both places, it’s about 60 people. Two birthday girls, so at least two cookies per head – 120 cookies! And you always have to plan for a few extra. I need a bigger oven!

Luckily, the weekend before their birthday is a long weekend. Powercuts in our beautiful city are almost as bad as ever, though, so this is going to take a lot of patience. Luckily cookies don’t suffer like cakes do in the advent of a powercut – you can just put the dough in the fridge and wait.

Next, we need two cakes to cut at home that evening. I’ll probably have to whip those up on the day itself – which means I’ll need some flexibility at office. But if it’s going to be just us four, it’ll be something small and simple.

Since the birthday is a weekday, and since nobody enjoys driving across town for a birthday party mid-week when the next day is a school/office day, we’ve decided that the party will have to be on a weekend. It’s hopefully not going to be a huge affair, and we’re probably going to do it at home again, maybe even with homemade food this time; and it’s definitely going to involve another two cakes.

Birthdays are such fun.


9 Responses to Their Fourth (Our Third)

  1. sujatha says:

    hey anamika

    just FYI, u r apparently allowed to adopt a child of the same gender under the juvenile justice act.

    As i said, this is just FYI.

  2. poupee97 says:

    Sujatha: I know… but it is not HAMA. Not very sure of the implications, but I think one fallout is automatic inheritance under the usual laws.

  3. Prakash says:

    What fun, 4 years sounds very interesting. We are missing out on all the samples :-(, why dont you guys move back? The flyover in this side has opened now and the bottleneck is moving to your side. Atleast p, S and P will have lots of goodies to eat…

  4. Supriya says:

    I wish we could have tasted your test runs. 😦 Too bad you moved. Maybe p would have not refused that at least.
    P will miss the weekend birthday and the cakes! He’s going to be out of town that weekend! Yippee! Oh I mean, poor P. 🙂
    Sibling thoughts, eh? You have guts to be even entertaining the thought – however fleetingly. 🙂

  5. Jiju says:

    Looks like we(me, B and A) are the lucky ones this year since we got to taste your cookies. They are fantastic! I haven’t tasted such nice ones after I came back. I am not joking!

  6. poupee97 says:

    Prakash: Move back? I heard that the jam on that route can sometimes take two hours!!!

    Supriya: Didn’t your doc warn you off food altogether? And don’t worry, we will send doggy bag for P.

    Sibling thoughts? Who, me?

  7. poupee97 says:

    Jiju: Thank you, thank you. Though if you are not joking, surely you’re exaggerating. Hope B and A liked them too.

  8. Supriya says:

    Doctor’s ban does NOT include your cakes and cookies. And Prakash will be able to access the doggy bag on Monday evening only. 🙂 hee haa haa. by the then, I wonder what will be left of the doggy bag. 🙂

  9. Prakash says:

    Jam will be better once the last flyover opens… you may want to reconsider then. This is will be a great service to our family kind 🙂

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