They’ve seen them on their plates and eaten them with gusto, but I didn’t think my girls had it in them to hold a real live fish by the tail. Why, when Amit mustered up the courage to pick one up, he dropped it as soon as it wriggled! Tara soon dropped hers, but Mrini held on to it and ran a couple of hundred metres to me, picking it up carefully whenever it fell. After showing it to me proudly, she ran all the way back and deposited it near the fishing net they’d got it from. Didn’t I tell you my girls had coolth!?!? (Of course, it might have helped that this particular fish was dead by the time she got her hands on it. But still. I didn’t so much as touch it!)

Mrini and Tara at Devbagh

Mrini and Tara at Devbagh


2 Responses to Fish!

  1. Supriya says:


  2. Christina says:

    Brave girl indeed šŸ™‚

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