April 21, 2010

I always liked numbers. As a child, I was fascinated by their properties, by how they worked together. I had a good head for numbers too – I was very quick at arithmetic, both figured and mental. It was with great satisfaction and even greater ease that I got perfect or near-perfect marks in my Math exams all the way through school.

Unfortunately, my daughters have not “inherited” my love of numbers yet. Their counting goes, “one, two, three, lifteen, sixteen, twenty-one, twenty-two, forty-two…” Actually, they both know their numbers up to ten, so I suspect they do this arbitrary counting only for effect. But even if they do really know their numbers, they are hopeless at counting. Their fingers, jabbing at the individual items, move at a different tempo from the actual verbal count. So they will jab eight times, but count ten or eleven. Or maybe six.

And this is really very difficult to do. I tried and I just couldn’t get my jabbing finger to move out of sync with my count. I can do half or double, and if I focus on it, I can perhaps do thirds, but completely at random? Impossible. How do they do it?

Their teacher (or “facilitator” as the Montessori system calls them) also told us that their recognition of numeral symbols from 0 through 10 is not up to speed. She suggested that we “work” on it during the summer holidays, but, irresponsible parent that I am, I have done nothing of the sort. I’m hardly sowing the seed for numerical geniuses here.

None of the above, however, has the remotest connection to what this post is really about. This post is about a specific set of numbers. My vital stats, to be precise.

• Total posts: 441
• Total posts in 2009: 119
• Posts till date in 2010: 35

• Total Views: 29,610
• Total Views in 2009: 16,361
• Views in 2010 till date: 3,845

• Number of posts viewed 100 or more times: 12

Now for some number crunching.

• An overall average of 67 views per post. Hmmmmm!
• An average of 137 views per post in 2009. Hmmmmmmm!!!
• An average of 110 views per post in 2010. Hmmm!?!?!
• An average of 45 page views per day in 2009. 🙂 🙂
• An average of 35 page views per day in 2010. 😦 🙂

Ok, so I was really popular in 2009 and not so much in 2010. Ok. But seriously – 110 views per post!?!? I thought I had a readership of, like, 5. I even know of people who used to read my blog who don’t read it any more – the first name on the list being my own better half. But to think that there are 100+ people reading my blog that I don’t even know about! Highly gratifying.

So like I was saying, I always liked numbers. And with numbers like these, what’s not to like?

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