High Up or Low Down?

In our hunt for a place to stay, we have now managed to shortlist two possibilities. One is an apartment, the other an independent house. The former is up in the air, the latter up just one flight of steps. The apartment comes with all the usual amenities, like swimming pool, gym, kids’ play area, back-up power, round-the-clock security, basement parking, and whatnot. The house comes with complications: the parking arrangement is not quite perfect, we will have to pay four electricity bills every month, the living room has a self-locking door that cannot be “turned off” (which means that if I go downstairs to answer the door, the kids can easily lock me out), the kitchen cupboards are slightly eccentric, there are no showerheads in the bathrooms (nor hot water geysers), there’s some  huge gaps in the steps leading up to the terrace that provide a perfect opportunity for the kids to take a spectacular tumble, and the neighbours downstairs depend on my (notoriously unreliable) memory to turn on and off their water supply (it’s complicated – don’t even ask)…

Sigh – that’s a lot of complications.

On the flip side, the house is very, very nice. The apartment feels impersonal and mass-produced; the house is warm, cosy, unique, stylish, pleasant, and in a very quiet and homely location.

And it is a little bit cheaper.

What to do? What would you do?

5 Responses to High Up or Low Down?

  1. Supriya says:

    My two bits? (You did ask – :-)Take the impersonal mass produced apartment for now. You will eventually move into your own house with a “warm, cosy, unique, stylish, pleasant, and in a very quiet and homely location”. And since you will build it, you can avoid all the niggling little problems which cause an everyday hassle.
    You have enough things to get used to at this point. Reduce the uncertainties – specially since the next year you are going to be very busy focussing on work and kids’ school and any impending travel for Amit or you.

  2. Neeti says:

    Agree with Supriya, apartment wins hands down, esp since you are renting.

  3. doug H / Mrwhatzit says:

    Or, you could always take the easy way out and move into the crawlspace underneath an abandoned building.

  4. 101dreams says:

    Hmm… I obviously vote for the house any day… And it’s nice to know from your next post that it’s the one you’ll be taking!

  5. poupee97 says:

    Heh heh… thanks for all the opinions (especially your helpful alternative, Doug). We moved into the house over the new year weekend. It’s stupidly high on the headache factor, but now it’s home.

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