Got It!

Yesssss, I got a job! Company 2 it is, the one in the same campus as Amit’s office and the kids’ daycare. I’m really happy, because the test last week was a lot of fun, and a bit tough too, and I spoke to four people (three on the phone) and came away feeling pretty good after each conversation. I thought I liked the people I spoke to. This is unusual – I usually don’t come away with any firm impression of the people I speak to, neither good nor bad. The domain that the company is in looks interesting and very challenging. The office is nice enough, the toilets are decent (though not first class, but good enough). And they made me an offer that seemed pretty good… considering the state of the global economy and the fact that I’ve not done any work for two whole years…

We’ve agreed to a start date of 10th Dec. We had planned a trip to Calcutta and Sandakphu during the Christmas-New-Year vacations, so I was a bit disappointed that I might have to give that up, but no: this company has a winter break that exactly coincides with the period we will be away. So I join, and two weeks later I go on paid vacation. What more could anyone want?

If you think all of this sounds too good to be true… and if you think what the heck has she done to deserve this… well, I’m wondering about that too. ..

6 Responses to Got It!

  1. Supriya says:

    Congrats! Thank God you blog. Otherwise we would never know the details of all that’s happening. We only get brief snippets at the park – which also will stop soon. Still – it’s all so exciting. 🙂

  2. 101dreams says:

    Congratulations!!! 🙂

  3. doug H / Mrwhatzit says:

    Congratulations #3!
    I’m happy for you 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll enjoy the change and the challenges, and it’s lucky that you, Amit, and the twins won’t be too far apart, accoding to my definition of “campus.”
    Again, congrats!:D

  4. poupee97 says:

    Thanks, Supriya, Chris, and Doug.

    Doug: I guess your definition of campus is the same as my definition of campus, it’s going to take about three-and-a-half minutes from desk to daycare. 🙂

  5. Ruby says:

    Read your blog after months and so much has changed. First congratulations abt the great news, I can’t imagine a full-time job or is it flexi-time, what do you get to do and well-adjusted kids in daycare, sounds like the US. But I knew you wd get back, too long in the work field, I always thought it wd be earlier. Best of luck, have fun too.

  6. poupee97 says:

    Hi Ruby,

    Thanks. It is a full-time, work from office job. At least the daycare seems to have worked out, the kids are happy over there so that’s good. I’ve only been to work for two days so far, it looks like being a nice place and interesting work. But yes, even I expected to get back to work earlier. Still, I think it was ok to have waited this long if it means the kids settle down quickly and easily. Then I don’t feel so guilty (though I still do feel a bit guilty…)

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