The kids don’t know what’s in store for them. They know something is coming, but they don’t quite know what. They know I’ve been going for “job interview”s and that I want to go back to “work”. They have heard Amit and me discussing daycare, but they don’t know what daycare means. I’ve told them they’ll be going to a second school soon, it seems to have got Mrini a bit worried. Yesterday, when I went to pick them up from school, she was sobbing in the teacher’s lap – most unlike either of them to behave like that. She saw me and greeted me with an absolute flood of tears. It turned out that she had been worried that I wasn’t going to show up. I wasn’t late, really, but some of the kids had started to leave, so she got worried. Poor little thing.

Today they had a class picnic. Wow! A picnic! My kids went out with a bunch of friends and not a single parent went along! They went in a school bus for the first time, they went to a strange place (a park of some kind, I gather) and somebody else took them! I don’t know about them, but this was a big thing for me. Given the uncertainty in the air with my new job and all, I thought they (or at least Mrini) might be worried about where they were going and all that, but they came back looking ok. I was waiting on the sidelines as the school bus drove up and disgorged the kids – the twins got off separately and walked off without seeing me. Tara was fine, though a bit confused (as always); Mrini had a slightly worried expression, but when she finally saw me, she smiled. If she had been really anxious, when she saw me she would have cried. So that’s ok. They didn’t say anything to me at all about the picnic, which is sad, because I’m dying of curiosity… but I suppose it will come out slowly.

And tomorrow, they start daycare. The first few days are on a trial basis to see how they take to it. If they seem willing to settle down and enjoy it, then we’ll have to shell out a horrendous amount towards enrollment, and three months’ fees.

The saddest thing about this daycare is that by the time they get home, it will be too late and too dark for them to go to the park. They don’t know it, but the era of park outings every evening with their gang, the Famous Five, is coming to an end.

Actually, the era of the Famous Five would have ended anyway, with the two boys going off to a distant land in a couple of weeks’ time. But the twins don’t know about that yet either. They so look forward to meeting their gang every evening in the park, it is going to be sad having to explain “goodbye” to them. At least daycare will give them a new set of friends, albeit in an indoor environment. The boys who are moving away, on the other hand, will have to get used to a new home, new country, new everything. They’re a few months over two, they’ll adjust quickly. Soon, they won’t even remember their gang, the Famous Five. It’s still sad, though.

It’s going to be a tough couple of weeks, as I spend long afternoons at daycare getting the kids used to the place. It would have been easier if I didn’t also have an Archaeology assignment that needs to be completed before I start work. But I know that it’s only a matter of getting over the bump – things will get easier with time as we all settle down to the new regime. I hope.

And then, soon after, sure enough things will change again.

8 Responses to Change…

  1. Supriya says:

    The end of the Famous Five years will truly be sad. Of course, I think that the kids will adjust pretty quickly. I’ll miss the adult part of the Famous Five more. 🙂 Some happy and pretty funny memories and loads of good times. Change should not be the only constant.

  2. 101dreams says:

    True I guess… Change is the only constant… But who know about what new adventures are waiting for them just round the corner 🙂

  3. doug H / Mrwhatzit says:

    That’s what I was going to say ^^^.

    Now to catch up on the last few weeks of your entries, since I haven’t visited your site for a while.

    I started here, and I hope one of them explains what your newly found job is…

    Hope all is well with you and yours. And Happy Thanksgiving, American style,one day late. 🙂

  4. poupee97 says:

    Hi Doug, Happy Thanksgiving to you too, a couple of days late.

  5. Neeti says:

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years now, and the other day, I was at my daughter’s montessori environment for observation, and was watching a pair of twins, and the teacher calling out their names. After hearing the kids’ names a couple of times, it suddenly struck me that these were your girls!! What a small world! I hope we can meet up in school sometime. My daughter’s name is Cara. By the way, I also enjoyed the cup cakes you sent for the twins’ birthday – those were superb! Nice to hear you are going back to work. Take care, and all the very best!

  6. poupee97 says:

    Hi Neeti, nice to meet you. Yes, it is a small world! And you remember the cup cakes? I’m flattered. After all I wrote about them in my blog, including photographs, I’m surprised you didn’t realise it then.

    (And, by the way, interesting to know that some parents get to eat the stuff the kids get in school; I hardly ever do. My girls gobble it up before they get within a mile of me. They know that if I see any chocolates with them, I’ll promptly take them away and they’ll never get to see them again. Yeah, I’m that kind of mom.)

    Do you come to school to drop/pick up your daughter? I drop mine, so I might run into you then. I also pick them up, but that might not last very long once I start work.

    I’ve heard their teachers calling what sounded like Tara to some other child – that must have been your daughter. Do you say it as Sara or Kara? If you know what I mean…

    And you’ve been following my blog for two years!? Really!? Well, I’m flattered. I’m also curious: How did you find me and why did you hang around all this time? Anyway, thanks for following, and I hope you continue to do so. 🙂

  7. Neeti says:

    I was introduced to your blog by Ayesha (I believe Andy is an old friend of yours, and Ayesha is an old friend of Andy’s, and I’m an old friend of Ayesha’s – go figure!).
    Your blog struck an instant chord with me for many reasons – I am from Kolkata (the born and brought up, but not Bong variety, so is my husband), and the first blog post of yours that I read about your visit to your in-laws had me in guffaws, largely because I identify so much with the whole Bengali milieu. Also, the fact that you have two girls (I do too!), and now they are even in the same school! And yes, I love the school for all the reasons that you have written about. This is my second stint with montessori, my older daughter completed her montessori education with Sheetal, and is now in the second standard. I believe you are a writer? I am too (moved from advertising to technical writing ten years ago)! I could go on and on, but maybe we can save that for when we meet.
    I don’t go to school these days – the girls go to school with a friend, and they come home in the school van. I was there to pick up Cara (pronounced Kara) on the day of the picnic, pity I missed you. I’m sure I’ll bump into you one of these days, I do go to school once in a while to meet Sheetal. Take care and keep writing! All the best with your new job! I’m sure the girls will be fine, kids are more amenable and adaptable to change than we older and wiser folks are!

  8. poupee97 says:

    Hi Neeti,

    It was nice meeting you today. Lucky, too, considering it is possibly the last day that I will regularly go for the pick-up.

    Hey did you know that I worked for three years at the organisation you are currently at? Yeah, it’s a small world. (Though, of course, that particular organisation is pretty big, so if you’re worked in Bangalore for some time, chances are you’ve spent some time there.)

    So this means you know Sowmya too, right? Why don’t you get my email ID from any of our common contacts (Ayesha, Christina) and we can have a less public conversation?

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