A Really Long Weekend

March 30, 2009

It seems like more things have happened on this weekend than can possibly be crammed into three short days.

Apart from the puncture saga related earlier, the highlight of the weekend was an impromptu dinner party during Earth Hour. We were actually supposed to go to S&S’s place for dinner on Saturday (two dinner invitations in a row!), but the venue was changed at the last minute to our place. It didn’t matter too much, because nobody was cooking – it would be an order-in kind of evening, with some drinks, snacks, and ice cream. A fairly typical get together with S&S, V&V, and their respective kids.

I managed to organise some ready-to-fry fish and chicken snacks, and S&S contributed ready-to-fry french fries (leftover from another such get together in the distant past).We laid in provisions of juice, soft drinks, and ice cream, and we already had Vodka at home, so we were all set for a good time. It had been a long time since the six of us got together at our place, and I must say I thought it was a lot of fun. The kids, after an initial ice-breaking pause, completely freaked out together. We turned out almost all the lights at 8.30 and kept them off till 10.30, and the semi-darkness was quite nice, too. Ordered in food arrived promptly at 9, by which time three of the four kids had been put in bed. In fact, everything went like clockwork and we even got to bed by about midnight.

So that was fun, but that wasn’t all.

On two of the three days of the weekend, we took the kids swimming. And they loved it! Of course, “swimming” is a bit of an exaggeration – Tara got into the water and held on to the railing quite happily, but Mrini for the most part preferred to sit on the edge and dangle hands and feet in the water. But she was happy doing that, so that was good enough for us. She was, of course, eager to see the “fishy-fishy” in the water; apparently, she still has fond memories of the trip to Lakshadweep, specially the short trip in the glass-bottomed boat when she saw lots of lovely, brightly-coloured “fishy-fishy”; however, this did not induce her to spend too much time actually in the swimming pool.

So much for highlights. I didn’t have to spend any time working this weekend, which was good, but… I did happen to glimpse an email from the customer’s customer saying that they probably didn’t have any work for us for the next several weeks. Which was not so good. Now I have the unenviable task of telling my team of 30 writers that I can no longer provide them with the jam for their bread and butter right now. Plus, that pretty much puts paid to my bread and butter as well. Such are the vagaries of contract labour.

And then, there’s the whole Earring Saga. But that’s another story.

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