Book Review – Are You Experienced?

This book, by William Sutcliffe (whom I haven’t previously heard of) I picked up on a whim. It was – on the face of it – about a young British chap travelling in India. What it actually turned out to be was as much about his love life as about his travels, but it was quite entertaining all the same. I’d say it was worth a read, though maybe not quite worth buying.

One part of it was just fabulous, though. The guy was traveling on a bus from Delhi to Manali and a Hindi movie was playing. Here’s his description:

“As far as I could tell it was about a guy who wants to marry a sexy girl, but his parents want him to marry an ugly girl. Just when he’s about to marry the ugly girl, he discovers that the sexy girl has been kidnapped by an ugly man who wears black leather and scowls at the camera. The hero rushes out on a horse in search of the kidnapped sexy girl, and has a punch-up in the desert with the ugly man. He’s about to save the sexy girl when it emerges that the ugly girl is in cahoots with the ugly man, and she has somehow tied the father to a chair in the sand and is in the process of pouring petrol all over him. The ugly girl pulls out a box of matches, and they all pause to sing a song. Just then, fifty blokes in black jump out from behind a bush that wasn’t there until they jumped out from behind it and start shooting at the hero, who hides behind a small wooden box. Eventually, he comes out, holding a white handkerchief, but when the ugly man in black comes to gloat (which he does in song) the hero trips him up, steals his gun, and shoots all the fifty men in black who jumped out from behind the magically appearing bush.

The father, whose petrol seems to have dried off, frees himself from the chair and has a comedy fight with a fat man who appears to serve no purpose. The sexy girl points out to the hero that the ugly girl is escaping through the desert just as the father defeats the fat man by putting a bucket on his head. The hero, the father and the sexy girl then all sing a song in which the father seems to give his blessing to their marriage. Meanwhile, the ugly girl on the horizon shakes her fist, and says something which can only be a vow of revenge. A few seconds later, just as she is on the point of dying of thirst, she comes across a lonely hut on top of a sand-dune. She knocks on the door and is welcomed by a man who tries to seduce her (in song). She is unimpressed by his advances until she notices that in the corner of the room is a mini-laboratory, containing what appears to be a half-finished nuclear bomb. Together they hatch a plan.

After that, the plot became a bit too difficult to follow. As far as I could tell, in the end the sexy people married each other, the ugly people got blown up, and the fat people ended up with buckets on their head.

Now that’s what I call quality entertainment.”

4 Responses to Book Review – Are You Experienced?

  1. Supriya says:

    Totally hilarious. 🙂 🙂 🙂 You must lend me the book if you still have it.

  2. Andaleeb says:

    ha ha….now i’m wondering if it could actually have been a Hindi movie and which one if it was indeed!

  3. doug H says:


  4. Lubi :) says:

    ok checking this book out at the library today 🙂

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