March 20, 2009

When we were in Binsar last month, I carried a large, 20-piece, floor puzzle which was invaluable in keeping the kids entertained on those cold, dark evenings. Of course, they couldn’t actually do the puzzle – not even close. The first couple of times even I had to work quite hard at doing it. (And if you have any uncomplimentary thoughts about my intellect or my visual-spatial skills, go ahead, leave a comment, that’s what blogs are about, right?)

Anyway, I didn’t expect the girls to get anywhere with the puzzle and I didn’t tell them to do it either. I just left them to it. They loved putting the pieces together in random order, and once in a way I’d help them to do it right and they enjoyed seeing it done.

But it took them a lot less time than I expected to get it. Now they do it with elan, and in very little time at that. I was wondering whether they had perhaps memorized the overall picture (a collection of farm animals), but it seems that they have just figured out that various different parts of the animals go together in the appropriate orientation to make whole animals. So I got them another jigsaw puzzle, a small one of only 5-6 pieces, and they got that one right away. Wow, they’re smart.

I loved doing jigsaws as a child, and I kept at it until quite an advanced age, so I’m pretty pleased that they enjoy it too. Plus, it keeps them happily engaged – and working together – for 20 minutes at a stretch. So they’re puzzling away and they’re happy and I’m happy.

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