March 19, 2009

Ok, I finally snapped. One of my team members called me to say she can’t do this work and I just let off and screamed at her. For about 5 minutes, straight.

It didn’t help that she was the second person to ditch out on me bright and early, right before breakfast, on what should have been a very busy morning.

It didn’t help that this is – what? – the third? time she has ditched out on me in this project and I really should not even have given her this third chance except that I’m such a sucker.

It certainly didn’t help that she’s also a friend of many years. Who’s going through depression.

It didn’t even help that there’s a mountain of dirty laundry that needs to go in the washing machine, only, we’ve run out of detergent and I’ve not had the time, energy and presence of mind to go get some.

None of this helped, but still… I should have kept my cool, like I always do. I should have taken it in my stride. Re-allocate. That’s what this job is all about, anyway.

But I snapped, people, and I’m not happy about it.

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