Incredibly Immaterial

If you had a million dollars and no questions asked, what would you do?

This is the sort of thing you dream about when you watch crappy reality shows and think how great life would be if you won one of those. But I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve come to the conclusion that I must be the most boringly non-materialistic person on this earth. I can’t think of much I’d like to do.

I mean, I’d love to travel, of course. But the kind of travel I enjoy doesn’t need a million dollars – it just needs a complete abandonment of responsibilities.

I like to buy books and I never grudge money spent on books – but how many books can you read in one lifetime anyway? Besides, I’ve run out of bookshelf space in the house.

So, buy a new house? Well, it’s not as much fun as you’d think.

New car? New bike? New camera? Nope. I don’t get excited by a thing just because it’s new. I like my old faithfuls and if they work and they work for me, that’s all I want.

Clothes? CDs? Music system? Nope – see above. Yes, that goes for clothes too.

Furniture? Furnishings? A fancy bed or mirror or chest of drawers? Nope – I like my living space spartan. Well, perhaps a Laz-y-Boy (or however you spell it)… but then, you need to have the entire set-up to go with it, and we just don’t have the space in our little 3-bedroom apartment.

Gadgets! Computers. Mobile phones. TV, fridge, microwave. Nope. I like my new Nokia 5800 Xpress Music because it works like a pocket PC for me. I hardly use it as a phone. My desktop works – most of the time. I don’t need newer, smaller, better. And as for the white goods, I don’t need newer, shinier, bigger either. They all look just as mundane after a week or two.

Jewellery? Every woman’s secret desire, a solitaire? Naaaah. Not for me.

So here’s my dilemma – now I’m earning money again, I just don’t know what to spend it on. Oh well, Landmark, here I come.


7 Responses to Incredibly Immaterial

  1. Supriya says:

    So you actually make a million dollars a month? πŸ™‚
    And by the way, what happened to family coffers? I thought that was part of the idea. Anyway, I know exactly what you mean when you say you show no interest in any of the usual buys. What would one do with newer, smaller, more complex after all. Old is so comforting.

  2. entisar says:

    I know what I want- K and I talk about this often πŸ™‚

    First, a house for ourselves, then a house for our parents, a trust fund for Anya and then the rest would be invested or whatever so that we could truly do what we wanted to do and not have to work for money. And of course travel. But one of my first dreams is to have a large library built for myself in my new home- complete with a little bar and a huge fireplace.

  3. Sadia says:

    I just talked about this with my officemate this morning! If we were to win the lottery (highly unlikely, since we don’t play), we’d pay off our house and have more children. That’s it. We’d keep our jobs, our home, and there’s nothing much we need to buy. But we’d have more children, if we knew we could afford to raise them and send them to university.

  4. Lubi :) says:

    I’d give some to my parents and some to charity…then go travel the world πŸ˜€

    Aaahhh!!! The delights of day-dreaming!! πŸ˜‰

  5. Arun says:

    I would spend that money to setup a farm house in our land near home town..and plant lots of huge trees..and lots of fruit plants.. all sort of vegetables ..and then a huge paddy field! πŸ˜€
    ..and ofc to fund my usual road trips!

  6. poupee97 says:

    Supriya: Yeah, right! The way I’m slogging, I jolly well should!

    Arun: Now that sounds really nice!

  7. Prakash K says:

    I should tell you that one of my colleague in UK won a lottery and is now happily retiring. Of course he is 61! We have hope. Lets start buying lotteries πŸ™‚

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