Time Flies When You’re…

…having fun, or so conventional wisdom has it. But I have news for you (and it’s not really breaking news, either). Time flies even more when you’re doing work, especially when you have tight deadlines to meet. This, regardless of the fun factor.

Since I got back from vacation, time has been flying like Harry Potter in a game of Quidditch. Or maybe like the snitch. I hardly catch a glimpse as it flashes by right in front of my eyes. So much so, that I even found myself at work at 2 a.m. one day, despite that I’m definitely a daytime owl, and I had tennis the next morning, which means a 5.30 a.m. wake-up call.

So today I decided was the day for some “me” time. I hurriedly attended to some work, then walked away from the computer. I spent the rest of the morning avoiding it as I “did” my arms and legs, “did” my hair, had a long and leisurely bath (which I’ve almost forgotten how to do) and then tried on several outfits for the evening. After all, I want to look my beautiful best this evening.

Why? Well, it is our eleventh marriage anniversary, and that’s a day that only comes once in a lifetime. Or so I hope. I mean, I can’t really conceive of being married to two different people (or worse still, to the same person twice!) for this long. No; if you’re going to have multiple marriages, you’d better learn from Hollywood and keep them short. After all, you’ll want to squeeze in as many as possible, before you get too old for it. (And you can interpret “it” any way you please.)

But I don’t think I want multiple marriages. One is bad enough, and really, Amit’s quite sweet as husbands go. I can imagine many fates worse than being married to him… unless, of course, you bring Pierce Brosnan into the picture, in which case, it’s no contest.

Though on second thoughts… I just watched this movie Notting Hill on TV. It stars Julia Roberts and it has no redeeming feature except for Hugh Grant. He’s cute as ever, though a bit wimpish. But the point is, he’s Mr Ordinary (in the movie, I mean) and she’s a hot-shot movie star (who has Alec Baldwin for a boy friend, isn’t she lucky?) and – do I really need to tell you this? – after various ups and downs it all ends in a “happily-ever-after” wedding. Except, I couldn’t help thinking, can a Mr Ordinary really adjust to being Mrs Hot-Shot-Celebrity-Actress’s significant other? I don’t think I could.

So, exit Pierce Brosnan, and back to handsome husband number one, and I figured that I might as well make the time to take a little bit of care over my appearance. After all, we don’t want to give him any cause to start dreaming about Julia Roberts now, do we? Though that’s a somewhat remote possibility, considering he has always been of the opinion that she looks like a horse. But then again, you never can tell – he does have a genuine fondness for horses.

Whatever. So having beautified myself and tried on my sexiest outfit for the evening and persuaded myself that it just about fits (not having lost any of the 5 kilos that I thought I would have lost by now) I’m now utilising my time to the best effect by blogging about it.

Vinod, I hope you’re not reading this.

Or, if you are, can you just wish me happy anniversary and let it go at that?


10 Responses to Time Flies When You’re…

  1. 101dreams says:

    Hope you had a great evening!

  2. Andaleeb says:

    Ha ha…nice post! Hope the evening went well! 🙂

  3. doug H says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. doug H says:

    ps – Very cute blog:)

  5. entisar says:

    Happy happy anniversary. Can we get a photo of you in this sexy dress? 🙂

  6. poupee97 says:

    Thank you, thank you.

    No, entisar, you cannot. For one thing, I didn’t end up wearing it. For another, even if I did, I wouldn’t splash photos of me in it around on my blog. Why, I’d only scare all my loyal readers away! No fears!!

  7. MM says:

    A belated wish hoping you had a happy anniversary. So, we dont get to see snaps of you in the dress?! Will Pierce Brosnan do the trick? Or Hugh Grant? And one curious question, who on earth is Vinod?

  8. Lubi :) says:


    happy wedding anniversary Anamika 😀

    hope the celebrations were jhakkas!! 😉

    ek foto dede thakur! 😎

  9. Kershwyn says:

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  10. poupee97 says:

    Thank you, Kershwyn.

    MM: Thank you. Vinod? He’s the guy who signs the pay cheque, hopefully.

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