Going Solo

When I agreed to travel back from Delhi alone with the kids, I didn’t feel any serious qualms or misgivings. I’ve taken them around on my own enough now that I felt quite confident that I could manage them alone even for several hours at the airport and on the plane. I’ve even taken both of them into public toilets enough to know that I’d manage them in the plane’s tiny toilet, though I must admit it was quite a challenge.

What I hadn’t thought about was how I would manage my own trips to the toilet. And that turned out to be the most worrying part of the experience. In the end I managed to sneak away while they both slept on the plane. And apart from that, everything went as smooth as silk.

We were dropped at the airport in style by my sister and both my parents. I had two small carry-on bags (well, I’d paid for three whole seats, remember) and two pieces to check in. I dumped everything in the trolley and was just beginning to wonder how I was going to push it with both hands and also hang on to both the girls, when they solved both problems for me by lining up behind the trolley and pushing it along just as if it was baby p’s stroller they were pushing back from the park!

Then, of course, Tara came up with the idea of climbing up on the bar behind the cart and riding along on it. At which Mrini, not to be outdone, sat in front of the cart. And then they swapped places and giggled.

And so we got checked in quite quickly and got our three seats in a row.

I skipped to the head of the sec-chk queue and in no time at all, we were in front of the boarding gate. The kids sat down and ate every bit of food that Anjalimasi had cooked for them, and just as they were stuffing the last of three large bananas down their throats, our flight was called. I got them up in a leisurely manner and strolled to the head of the queue like royalty. There’s another perk of having kids.

They fussed a little when I strapped them into their seats, but they settled down after takeoff and once I took their seatbelts off they sprawled out and went to sleep. I had to strap them up for landing, but they slept right through it and I had to wake them up as we taxied to our parking place.

After that we got our luggage off the carousel, got out of the airport and got into a waiting cab, and were on the very last leg of our long journey, with a minimum of fuss. The girls were in high spirits during the drive, specially Mrini, and as we didn’t run into any major traffic jams, we were home after an easy hourlong drive.

The whole thing couldn’t have been any easier! Even I was surprised!


4 Responses to Going Solo

  1. entisar says:

    I’m impressed! Both at your ability and how laidback the girls are about travel. Believe you me, I’ve seen some fussy kids on flights. Now all I have to do is wait and see how Anya does with travel. Eek.

  2. Prakash says:

    Finally a new blog! Nice to see you had a good journey… will be back on couple of days and I hope the twins remember me, I am sure p would not.

  3. doug h says:

    Isn’t it nice when, during the unfoldment of a large, worrisome event, everything goes smoothly?

  4. Supriya says:

    I did mean to ask you, how you managed alone but never got around to it. You are lucky to have manageable girls – at least manageable when they really need to be so. So one more thing you have to thank me for. Getting the girls to practice pushing.:-)

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