January 30, 2009

I’ve been gently reminded that when my loyal readers visit my blog every day or so, they expect to find something there to engage their eyes and delight their minds… well, that is to say, it’s not that I was reminded in quite the same words, but I was reminded nevertheless.

In my defense, I’ve been busy… looking for a job. I appear to have found one, though it might be equally true to say that it found me. It meets most of my criteria for a perfect job – it appears interesting and challenging, I can work from home, and it pays well. I haven’t signed on the dotted line yet, so celebrations are probably premature… but what the heck, I’m celebrating anyway.

The last week or so I’ve been absorbed in the job. I haven’t actually started work yet – I’ll probably start in full flow on Monday – but I’ve certainly got more than my toes wet. Because I’m going to be handling a project that is just starting up, I’ve been involved with a lot of initial thinking and set-up work, and that’s been fun. My mind has been at work, even before the rest of me actually got employed and it feels like a part of my brain that I had forgotten about has suddenly sprung into action again. You know – like when you go to the gym one day out of the blue and muscles you didn’t even know you had wake up and start clamouring. Like that.

Meanwhile, we’re also looking for a new residence. We are quite fond of the existing one, really, but it’s going to be awfully cramped as the kids grow up. We’ve already completely run out of cupboard space and shelf space, so the thought of something big, spacious, and new is quite appealing. Of course, the footwork that goes into actually getting a new place is not even half as appealing. Plus, it’s a strange time to be buying property, what with the global recession and all that.

And then, just when things are finally hotting up after months of sitting at home, we’re doing what all sensible people do when the going gets tough – we’re going on vacation. Yes, again. What do you mean, we just went, that was last month. And this is going to be next month. See, two whole months in between? This time we’re going up North, to a remote hill-station where they don’t have electricity and when they say you get running hot water, they mean it literally (yes, a boy comes running with a bucket-full). Oh and, we heard, there’s every possibility that it might snow up there in mid-February – that’ll be another first for the twins.

So yes, there’s lots going on, and not much to blog about.

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