Earring Trauma

So we should have done it months and months ago and we didn’t. Naturally, we weren’t in any hurry to cause our girls an immense degree of pain. They say it’s easier to have it done when kids are very young and it hurts them less, but I don’t know about that – pain is pain at any age, I think.

Anyway, after putting it off as long as we could, we finally pushed ourselves out of the house this morning to take the twins to a jeweller’s shop and get their ears pierced. For those of my readers who are not Indian, I should explain that in India, ear-piercing happens to about 99.36 % of all girl children above the age of 3 months. Or maybe even below that age. And it happens to some of the boy babies as well. My parents never had it done to my sister and me, so we went without earrings till the ripe old age of 20+ or so. And, when I did get it done just before my wedding, I have to say, it hurt like hell. Like bloody hell, in fact.

But, while I do clearly remember the pain, I also remember the problem of not being able to wear earrings when every other girl in school had them, and you even sometimes got them as gifts because somebody’s parents couldn’t believe that you hadn’t had your ears pierced. We did get a few clip-on earrings, but there was very little variety, they looked big and clumsy, they hurt the ear lobes, and people only laughed at you for wearing them, even more than they did for not having pierced ears in the first place.

So, I thought I’d rather put my girls through a one-time trauma of getting their ears pierced, rather than have them miss out on the many delights of earrings till they grew old enough and brave enough to demand the ear piercing. Naturally, I expected them to cry – who wouldn’t? So I didn’t have the courage to attempt this on my own without Amit standing by to lend moral support. In the event, though, he lent his support mainly as a cameraman and videographed the whole thing on his cellphone. I should destroy that video before the kdis grow up and get to see it.

Anyway, we got it done, and of course they cried and howled and wailed. I’m not sure that we managed to align the dots symmetrically on Mrini, we kept getting it wrong till she lost patience, and we turned our attention to Tara. On Tara, we made the dots quickly and easily and proceeded to get her shot by the ear-piercing gun (it’s not really a gun, don’t worry). Once Tara was done and howling, Mrini began to guess that something not-nice was in store for her and began some pre-emptive wailing, which didn’t make things any easier.

It took them maybe 20 minutes afterwards to properly stop crying. By then I had got them into a toy store (clever mom, aren’t I?) where Amit distracted them with the stuff on the shelves, while I bought some essentials and some bribes. We rounded off the outing with a lunch, and by then they were all smiles again, though Tara spent a good part of the meal eyeing herself in the mirror and pointing to her ears and saying “earring”.

Which was all very well for them, but it took me another couple of hours to recover from the trauma and stop shaking.

5 Responses to Earring Trauma

  1. Supriya says:

    Though pain is pain at any age, memory is the differentiating factor. The same way that a few months old kids cry for 5 seconds when they get their shots and the older they are, the length of crying increases proportionately even though in terms of pain scale it probably hurts less due to tougher skin, surface area covered by pain with relation to what exists being lesser etc. Good that it is done though and out of your way. I hope. Some kids pull of their earrings and then don’t let you come near the lobe again and the hole closes. Imagine doing what you did today again – or even a couple of times more! So watch them earrings with a close eye. 🙂

  2. poupee97 says:

    Supriya: Guess what – we already had one crisis of a similar kind. When I was getting them into nightclothes that night, Mrini’s one earring popped right off! I yelled for Amit and he held her down brutally (and determinedly looked away!) while I stuck the thing back in, navigating through the blood and screaming. Phew!

  3. Siri says:

    Yikes. I believe mine were done when I was 10 days old and apparently I slept through it- maybe it has something to do with nerves that are yet to be fully developed? Either way, you’ve given me an idea- maybe I should do the same when the baby is born…..Hope Mrini is better now…

  4. Ruby says:

    As long as they don’t pull each others rings out, it should be fine, by the end of one year you will manage the blood, pus and buy a few new ones. Since chan managed to lose 4 gold rings everytime she was asked to hold her ears in class, i shifted to a silver earring and she’s fine now.

  5. Andaleeb says:

    You know, I read somewhere that ears should be pierced when the girls are either three months old, or next when they’re eight years old! Sounds strange to me but anyway, its a good thing you got it done. I’m sure you’re going to have to be really careful about seeing they dont pull them off. But once they grow a little more big, I’m sure they’ll enjoy seeing pretty earrings on their ears!

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