A Date With No Reason

So our husband-wife date yesterday evening was an unmitigated… success!

Things went pretty much like clockwork. I started priming the girls in the afternoon, telling them we’d be going out that evening and that Noor-Auntie would be home with them, and that we’d be back soon, before they went to bed. They didn’t like the sound of it much, at least, Mrini looked distinctly worried. But, strangely enough, when Noor-Auntie came, both girls went to her to ask to be taken to the bathroom, so maybe they understood the idea after all. When we were leaving, both looked a little upset, but Noor-Auntie called them into the kitchen to help her shelling peas (ahhhh… the joys of fresh peas!) and they were thrilled to bits and even forgot to be miserable when we said bye to them (matter-of-factly, as the books say we should, not in a sad, guilty, worried, or otherwise negative manner).

We walked out to a nearby coffee shop kinda place that we’ve never been to before. It was already strange enough being out together without the kids, but walking into a new restaurant on our own felt really weird, it’s been years since we’ve done that. You get that strange feeling, like you don’t know the ropes, where to sit, whether you will be shown a table or should just pick one yourself, whether you need to pay and order at the counter or will be presented a menu at your table and so on. Anyway, we figured out all that, ordered, and then sat side-by-side watching tennis on a big-screen TV that was rather far away. We were both thinking of the kids, and of how strange it was to be out for a meal and not have to run around behind them and keep them under control. It was a strange feeling… weird as this sounds, I think we were missing them!

We’d promised Noor-Auntie and the twins that we’d be back by 9, and that we’d put them to bed ourselves, and despite the food taking a rather long time to appear, we made it just in time for our curfew. Mrini indicated the slightest bit of displeasure/relief at our return, but was all smiles in seconds. Noor-Auntie reported that all had gone uneventfully, and departed all smiles. Nothing could have been simpler.

So now, we’ve got to try this out more often. The one thing that has to improve, for this to work, is our ability to actually leave the kids at home, when we leave the kids at home.

2 Responses to A Date With No Reason

  1. Siri says:

    Ha ha, easier said than done. But the date sounds great! 🙂

  2. Andaleeb says:


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