Playschool: Back in 90 Minutes

Today the kids spent 90 minutes at their playschool and apparently they were none the worse for it.

Meanwhile, I had a whole 90 minutes to myself.

Of course, I have had time to myself before, even after the kids came. Amit has spent many, many weekends and some evenings holding fort while I grab time for myself. I also get time to myself everyday, after all, whenever they’re asleep. And there’s some things I do manage to do for myself even when the kids are awake.

But this was different. They were at playschool – I wasn’t neglecting them, I wasn’t worried about them waking up crying at any moment, and I wasn’t stealing/begging time from Amit’s busy schedule.

So this was pretty special.

And guess what I did? With this “special” 90 minutes, the first of a whole new way of life, the kids’ first steps to independence – what special activity did I mark this occasion with?

Bet you can’t guess.

I went and gave a bagful of clothes to the dry cleaner.

Yes, the dry cleaner. Bagful. Dirty clothes. Nice clothes, mind you – silks and whatnot. Last worn about a year ago. Lying around in a plastic bag since then, waiting for one of us to find the time to deliver them to the dry cleaner.

It only took 45 minutes to walk there, drop off the stuff, and walk back. Just 45 minutes. I could have done it any time, really. I suppose it’s only a question of priorities.

I enjoyed the walk tremendously. Of course I had to hurry back – I couldn’t for instance, take a quick trip to MG Road for a leisurely cup of coffee at some coffee bar; or stop at some beauty parlour for a haircut and pedicure; or treat myself to a nice lunch at some roadside restaurant along the way. I hurried there and hurried back with a sharp eye on the time and another on my cellphone – just in case.

Still, it was a good feeling, to think of my babies in school, doing their own thing, without either of us around.

And now I’m thinking – of course there’s always grocery shopping that somehow expands like gas to fill up all the available time; but apart from that and menial chores like dropping off clothes at the dry cleaner, there must be lots of other, more fun things I can do in my precious 90 minutes of freedom. Isn’t that why I decided to put them into playschool in the first place?

What!? No, of course not! I put them in playschool because I thought they’d have so much fun with all the other kids.

Yeah, right. Whatever.

At least I can now savour this feeling that I can do anything… anything… as long as I got back in 90 minutes.

4 Responses to Playschool: Back in 90 Minutes

  1. Sadia says:

    Ah, the guilt that comes with parenthood. I knew that my mother always made me feel guilty, but didn’t realize that motherHOOD was equally guilt-laden. My “own” time is usually taken up by laundry or floor-mopping or other terribly glamourous pass-times.

    So, how about the mothers of the world agree to take some luxury time next time we are offered a few minutes to ourselves?

    I will admit that I recently took four hours off work in the middle of the day to burn some overtime I’d put in. The girls were at school. I went to a library and read. It was divine.

  2. Siri says:

    HA HA I remember you telling me about this in your e-mail. Now does the time that the Twins spend at playschool vary? Because you earlier told me they spent 40 minutes there. So is there a possibility that at sometime in the future you will get 3 hours to yourself? A nice manicure and pedicure along with a haircut will do anyone a world of good.
    I was just reading somewhere that if all the mom’s got together and traded off time then all moms would get some guaranteed alone time every week- enough to indulge themselves and not just drop the dry cleaning off. Are there other moms in the area that would be willing to do this with you?

  3. poupee97 says:

    Siri: Well, it’s supposed to be a 2-hour session, but the first couple of weeks as they were getting used to it was just 30-40 minutes. Three hours comes a year or two later, by which time it is a Montessori school or a nursery. But that’s another story altogether.

    As for mommy clubs or whatever… I don’t know that there are any kids I’d be comfortable taking charge of. Probably there are one or two, but those families have their own alternatives, so they don’t seem to need my support. So playschool seems easier, it’s one-way traffic and payment in cash, not kind.

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