Off We Go

October 23, 2008

We leave for Calcutta tomorrow. Despite everything, the prospect of a long train journey, daunting as it is, is still alluring, and I can’t help looking forward to it. Eating, reading, sleeping, and traveling – what could be better?

(The kids are standing outside the half-gate to the study as I type. They’ve rolled a big bolster up to the gate, and both of them have climbed on top of it and they are jumping vigorously and screaming “daba-daba-daba” as they do so.)

I’ve given up on traveling light. We seem to be carrying practically all our worldly possessions with us, and which of the kids’ toys to leave behind is a great dilemma. We are carrying milk, food, fruit, diapers and a half-dozen changes of clothing for the train journey alone, apart from all the lovely dresses for the stay. That’s just for the twins. Throw in saris, jeans, appropriate footwear and accessories for each… Plus, we have a music system (long story) and, of course, our digital SLR with us. I wonder where we’ll sleep? AC First is excellent accommodation, but it is just a berth on a train after all.

(The girls have retired to the living room, where they’re playing a complicated game involving the orange teddy bear, a giant panda, a bra and one of Amit’s underwears that they’ve lifted from the laundry basket, and the cables of the music system. Yikes!)

I doubt I’ll get to blog on the trip, so to know how (or whether) I’ve survived, check back in November. Happy Diwali!

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