Babysitting: Third Time Lucky

October 7, 2008

Not that the first two times weren’t lucky… But let me start at the beginning.

The first time that we both went away from the twins was when we were in Calcutta in December last year. That time we went for a stroll in the neighborhood that lasted maybe 30-40 minutes. The twins were with family members they had been living with for about a week. They were, so we were informed, ok but a little subdued while we were out. As soon as we got back, Tara came up to me, took my hand and burst into tears!

Thereafter, Amit and I have left them briefly at home with the girls who come for cooking or for cleaning the house, but these absences have been usually only 10 minutes or so. So technically, the second babysitting episode was while my parents were here. I nipped out one day to run some errands, and again, I was back in about 30 minutes. This time was uneventful, and I was thankfully not greeted with a flood of tears.

The third time was Saturday. I took the kids to S&S’s place in the afternoon. They haven’t been spending a lot of quality time with S&S in the past several weeks, due to various reasons, and perhaps due to that, or perhaps because Amit was conspicuous by his absence, they took a very long time to unwind. Like, more than an hour! I had almost given up on leaving them and going out, considering the way they were sticking to me like glue.

But after about an hour or so, they both asked to use the toilet, which was really impressive considering they were both strapped up in their diapers. Anyhow, after using the toilet, they seemed to decide that this was a nice friendly place after all, full of nice, friendly people and they began to make themselves at home. So a while later, I did go out, saying bye to them as I went and telling them I’d be back soon.

I was out for a stressful half-hour. My body was going around doing its errands, but my mind was on the kids the whole time. Would they be ok? Would they ask S&S for the toilet if they needed to? Would they howl or be miserably silent? Would they think I (we) had abandoned them???

Really, it’s only we parents who worry; the kids are fine. They glanced at me in an off-hand manner when I returned, as though to say, “oh, it’s only you, pooh!” and went back to whatever they were busy with. Charming!

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