Birthday Coming Up

August 9, 2008

Ten months ago, when we’d had the kids for less than a month, it seemed like it would take until eternity for their second birthday, their first with us, to roll around. (In case you haven’t been following this blog, let me explain that we adopted the twins when they were 13 months old last September.)

Now it’s only a couple of weeks away, and I’m worried. I’m so not a big party sort of person. I mostly avoided big parties on my own birthday as a child and since then nothing has changed. Unfortunately, Amit is just the opposite. He had 50-person parties as a child and would love to do the same even now.

So, while I would like to call just a couple of close friends for the twins’ first/second birthday, Amit is gunning to invite every person we know in Bangalore, even some whom we haven’t met in years. It won’t come to 50 people, but counting adults and children, it’ll be close. According to Amit, having 12 kids under 5 running around the house closely followed by 20-odd parents will be great fun; according to me, it will be chaos, confusion, and complete disaster.

And that’s just our friends. The twins have their own friends whom they meet in the park and whose company they might even enjoy on their birthday. If we invite all those kids along with parents and siblings, that’s going to be a whole party in its own right.

So now we’re gearing up for two parties, one the evening before their birthday, which will be drinks and dinner, in other words the “adult” party. The other will be late afternoon of the actual birthday, with neighbourhood kids, chips, sandwiches, and of course, birthday cakes.

I’m not cooking a thing for either of these two parties, if I have my way. Amit is keen for me to at least rustle up the cakes for the dinner party, but I’m not promising anything. As far as I’m concerned, all the food is going to be ordered in, and served on paper plates and styrofoam glasses.

What we will have to do is to somehow decorate the house so it looks like a kiddies’ birthday party. That’s a daunting enough prospect for me – streamers and balloons are simply not my thing – and the idea of having to do it twice in two days is giving me the heebiejeebies, or, as I prefer to call it, the igglywigglies. Add to that the organizing of two different types of food and drink and the whole thing just does not look like a cake walk to me. Admittedly, I’m a rather unsocial person who prefers my parties to be small and close, but is that such a terrible thing to wish upon your two-year-old twins?

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