Almost a Lunch Date

August 1, 2008

The twins and I almost had a lunch date today. Some of my KF friends were meeting for lunch nearby, and were planning to drop in afterwards, when the question came up: Why not join them for lunch?

What, all three of us?

Well, um, why not?

I rushed up my morning schedule a bit, so that I could get the twins fed just a little earlier than usual. That way, once they’d had their lunch at home, when we went to the restaurant I could focus on friends and food and conversation. Hopefully. They might even fall asleep while I’m thusly occupied, or so I thought.

Ever since the toilet training began, I’ve given up trying to shower and get dressed while they are awake – it just doesn’t work to be interrupted every few seconds by a “pottykini” distress call while showering. But today I decided I’d have to try. And guess what – I somehow even managed it, without any interruptions or accidents.

By 12.45, I was dressed and they were fed, and I only had to put their shoes and clips and diapers on and we could leave. The restaurant was only 10 minutes’ drive away, so if I could get an auto fairly easily, I’d be there by 1.15 or so.

But the girls are creatures of habit (which is generally a good thing, I’m not complaining). After lunch, it’s nap time, and though I’d already told them we’d go out after lunch, when I actually took them out of their high chairs and washed their faces, they promptly made a beeline for their beds. Before I could tell even them to get their shoes on, the phone rang. My lunch dates were running late, they’d be at the venue by 1.30-ish.

I looked at the twins, rubbing their eyes and stumbling towards their pillows. There was no way I could keep them awake till 1.30-ish.

So, I let them sleep, and resigned myself to stale sambhar-chawal at home for lunch. Sigh.

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