July 27, 2008

Being down with gastroenteritis is not fun. Of course, you already knew this. I’m only telling you this because I just experienced this first hand. The kids had not even recovered from their stomach bug when I went down with a dramatic episode of vomiting and diarrhoea on Monday night. And when I say I went down with it, I mean I really, really went down with it.

By the time I finally went to the doctor on Thursday morning, I hadn’t eaten for three days. How I was still functioning, I don’t know, but I could only stay upright if I didn’t eat. Even a few bites of generally wholesome food was guaranteed to put me on the throne for the next several hours.

Night times were interrupted by mission-critical rushes to the bathroom and suddenly I could appreciate more clearly than ever before the full advantage of keeping the twins bare-bottomed instead of wasting vital seconds pulling down pants.

And the fever came and went and came again.

Amit took almost the entire week off, but compensated for that by working overtime on his automobile research and purchase program.

And there were oh-so-many cars to test-drive – more than I had energy for. 😦

And I still had my income tax return to complete and file!

While the twins tried their best to bite, hit, pull and push each other out of existence.

All I can say is, thank god and Alexander Fleming for antibiotics. Where would we be without them?

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