Almost Talking

July 25, 2008

With their collection of two- and three-word phrases now adding up to about ten, the twins, at a month shy of two, are just about starting to talk. Here’s what they are saying:

pick it up – the first and still the favourite phrase, they love to throw stuff down just so they can say this, sometimes to us, sometimes to each other and, when all else fails, to themselves. They even say this before actually throwing stuff, by way of announcing their intentions.

how are you – fast replacing the above as Tara’s favourite. She sometimes answers herself with “Thank-u thank-u”

lie down – usually to indicate that they want you to sit back, but sometimes also to indicate that they want to lie down

get down – usually indicates that they want to get down when you are holding them

bed time – at bed time, most obligingly

pani time – also khana time and bukku time, to indicate that it’s time for water, food, or their story book

baby crying – used even for those who aren’t

bless you – usually to themselves, when they sneeze

this side – as in “pass some of that food over here please, and stop feeding the other girl”

Mrini also has taken words out of a few eternal nursery lines: little lamb, husha-busha, and johnny, johnny yapapa, which often becomes johnny yapapa and sometimes even johnny yapapapapapapa

The latest addition to this list shows how adept they are at picking up words from our conversation: new car

New car???

That’s the subject of wholly another post.

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