So travelling is not a strategy well designed to further toilet training even for twins. Or so I would have thought. Apparently, the twins aren’t too concerned. Only a week ago, I was losing hair and appetite in equal proportions, mopping up behind them. They were still refusing to squat, and were wetting themselves and the bathroom floor in a quite disgusting fashion. It was – hard though it is to believe – only last Wednesday or so, that I decided to go out and buy them a toilet seat, since they showed no interest in the potty and no ability to bend at the knees. I was sure that Mrini would not relish the idea of being perched way up there with her feet dangling off the ground, but again – she surprised me. In a couple of days, they had completely taken to the toilet seat, and were demanding to be placed on it even when there was no pressing need. Plus, they impressed me by even waiting for each other to finish and be taken down before getting on it and letting go. I can’t say there weren’t any accidents, but I’d have to say they were few, and the overall mess was waaaaaaaay less.

Then we went to Delhi and subjected the twins to completely screwed up routines, new places, new faces, new clothes, new food, and rather terrible climate. But – we took the toilet seat along (!!! – ewwwww – what has life come to???), and somehow that must have been quite comforting to them, because they decided that it was their favourite place and spent a lot of time on it.

So, now I can say that they are largely home-toilet-trained. This still doesn’t extend to outings, not even to modest outings to malls or the park… but at home, they are relatively safe, clean and dry. Hallelujah!

3 Responses to Meanwhile…

  1. Siri says:

    Congratulations! So how is the trip going so far? Did you guys make it to Leh or not?

  2. Lubi :) says:

    you’re getting there, hun 🙂

  3. 101dreams says:

    Yes… Am wondering too… Did you go to Leh?

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