Ups and Downs

June 14, 2008

´╗┐It’s specially when one of the girls takes off her pants, tears her diaper, and spreads the sodden silica gel all over our 1350 sq ft apartment, and that, after the cleaning girl has departed… It’s specially at those times when I’m spending a good part of the morning cursing under my breath and scrubbing the mosaic flooring where the diaper bits are virtually indistinguishable, that I wonder: What possessed me to leave a relaxed and lucrative job (career) to become a stay-at-home mom? Surely there has to be a less unpleasant and more positive-cash-flow way of parenting?

(And, by the way, if anyone knows an easy and effective way to get a million bits of pee-sodden silica gel off the floor, please let me know. I’ve tried dry mopping, wet mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, praying and cursing – none of these approaches really works.)

But then again…

Today when I picked up Tara from her high chair after lunch, when she was 90% asleep as usual, she put her head on my shoulder as she usually does, then she smiled, curled her left arm around my neck instead of sticking her thumb in her mouth as she usually does, and continued to sleep. Such a simple thing, yet all of a sudden, my heart skipped a beat. Usually she fusses a bit as I wash her face and hands, and continues to wail or whine till I put her down on her bed, but today she seemed actually happy to be held by me! And just like that, it suddenly seemed all worthwhile – even cleaning up bits of burst diaper didn’t seem so bad after all.

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