Since the twins love their bath and really enjoy splashing around in their tiny bathtub, I’d been dying to up the stakes and put them in a swimming pool. Amit and I both love to swim, though we haven’t done much of it in recent years. I took to swimming straight after I almost drowned (or thought I did) way back when I was about three. That was in a fantastic L-shaped pool where the deep end was 12 ft deep.

Anyway, we don’t have such luck any more, but we do have a swimming pool nearby which, modest as it is, will do very nicely for the kids for a few years. So last Sunday afternoon, when we at last had a sunny day after two weeks of rain, we took the kids to the pool and dunked them in.

Well, actually, I got in first, then Mrini tentatively followed. Tara resisted for a while, then gradually allowed herself to be persuaded. There were a huge number of other – much older – children around, which usually intimidates the twins a little, but they didn’t seem to mind too much. They took to the idea of being in a pool full of water quite well, actually. After a few minutes, they began splashing in the water, and Tara even put her face down and blew bubbles in the water. She must have swallowed some… and they were in “swim-proof nappies” (“specially designed to prevent accidents in the swimming pool”) but I don’t know what “accidents” other kids may have had… best not to think too much about that.

After a good 20 minutes, they began to feel cold, and by the time I got them both out, they were shivering. I thought they might catch a cold, but, thank goodness, they didn’t.

Overall it was quite a success. We definitely need to repeat the experience sometime soon. The sooner they get used to the swimming pool, the better, if you ask me.

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  1. doug H says:

    Hi, Mika =
    This is just a test to see if my comment posts.
    I tried to post a comment on your previous entry, but was rebuffed for reasons unknown.
    Perhaps it had something to do with the requirement of having to put in my website address – mine seems to contain my home e-mail address. So, this time I pasted the entire URL of my home blog page into the box, here.

    Or, it may be that Word Press only allows comments from other members of WordPress.
    At any rate, here goes.

  2. doug H says:

    Hi, Mika.
    This is just a test.
    It’s my third attempt to leave a comment, and I’ve forgotten what I said. This time I hope this posts, just to see if one can without also having to be a member of word press.

    If I can’t leave comments here, perhaps I’ll send them to you as messages via your old Yahoo site.

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