Double Trouble

That’s right, it’s the twins I’m referring to. They’ve been talking nineteen to the dozen for the past couple of weeks. Of course, it’s all gobbledygook, but that’s no reason not to reply. The best part is, most of the time they seem to understand each other. Often, one of them will say something, the other will reply, then both of them will start giggling as though it’s all highly amusing. They’ve even started issuing stern admonitions, usually to me (not to each other) with index finger raised and a most emphatic tone in their squeaking voices. I’m not sure whether I want them to start speaking English or whether I prefer them just the way they are right now. Either way, I don’t think I have much choice in the matter – they will start making sense some day, ready or not.

Motor skill development is not taking a back seat either. Of course they have been climbing on all accessible horizontal surfaces in the house: the two trunks, the one easy chair, the new sofa, and the large cardboard carton that occupied pride of place in our living room, standing in for the coffee table we never possessed. Their latest conquest is the set of four dining table chairs. This is dangerous, because they love to push these chairs around the house like walkers without wheels, but they have not yet made the connection between pushing the chairs around and then climbing on them to access hitherto inaccessible surfaces such as the top of the fridge. Still, it’s bound to occur to them sooner or later, and then nothing in the house will be safe any more (sigh)…

Meanwhile, they’ve perfected the art of turning the laundry basket upside down and climbing up on top of it, which gets them too close to the TV and music system for our comfort. They love to bang on the TV and washing machine and it’s only a question of time before something gives and we have to call in the repairmen (or the scrap dealers).

Both of them suddenly realised that in addition to walking and running, it’s also possible – perhaps – to take both feet off the ground simultaneously. They’ve been trying very hard to empirically prove this hypothesis, but they’ve not had a lot of success so far – Tara hasn’t managed to get more than her heels off the ground, and on the one or two occasions that Mrini has actually managed to launch herself a quarter-inch into the air, she has immediately landed ignominiously in a heap on the ground.

Mrini looks as though she might enjoy swimming, though. She likes to lie down on the ground flat on her tummy, arms and legs all waving around in the air as though doing the breast stroke. She especially enjoys doing this when I’m trying to get her to walk home from the park – it can be quite taxing, with the whole staring at this spidery spectacle sprawled on the sidewalk.

Despite my best efforts to teach them nothing meaningful, they have both learned (thanks to the oil massage and bath ritual) the body parts identified by the words “arm” “leg” “chest” “tummy” “head” and “nose”. They’ve also figured out that other people have the same body parts too, and if we say “nose” to them, they first grab their own noses, then make a beeline for ours and grab them really hard.

Meanwhile, there’s absolutely no progress on the paperwork front. It’s a bit of a nagging concern for us – surely nothing will go wrong and the proceedings will run their course and culminate in us receiving their birth certificates with our names as parents; still, I wish things would start moving on that front so that we could have that part of it done and over with.

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