Two of Those Days

One of those days I could have handled, but two of those days is enough to drive anyone insane, don’t you think?

Ø The kitchen light went out – had to call the electrician for repairs.

Ø Decided to also call the plumber to stop the kitchen tap from drip-drip-dripping – bad idea.

Ø Electrician came when twins were being bathed and stayed until they were in the middle of lunch. Which meant, getting their lunch done while electrician worked on a tube light above my head – charming.

Ø Plumber came, changed the valve (?) of the tap – without turning off the water mains, resulting in a minor flood in the kitchen.

Ø Since there is a substantial gap between the counter top and the wall, the flood found its way into the kitchen cabinets, which then had to be emptied, dried, and re-filled. All the kitchen utensils were piled on the kitchen counter, and if the twins only caught sight of it, the whole lot would come tumbling down like a pack of cards. So, the emptying out and re-filling had to be done immediately after their lunch, when they were asleep.

Ø Which meant that I was late for my 12.30 online meeting.

Ø And that I didn’t get any lunch until after the meeting ended around 2 p.m.

Ø And that I still hadn’t had time to have a bath and get decently dressed!

Ø My cleaning girl has been suffering from some dreadful psychological/psychiatric disorder which seems to include depression and hallucinations in equal measure; meaning that I get to do her share of the work as well as my own.

Ø Amit, meanwhile, had an official dinner, so he came home only around 10 p.m., leaving me to handle the grocery shopping. I did this on my way back from the park, so the twins got thoroughly bitten by mosquitoes as a result.

Ø Friends dropped in at 7. Though I was not in the mood for friends – more in the mood for murder, or at least lots of beer – it was just as well they did, because at least the kids were spared my ire at dinner time.

That was yesterday.

Ø Today, both kids were cranky, possibly due to hay fever which all three of us seem to be suffering from. It didn’t stop them from getting up to mischief and doing all the things they shouldn’t, though.

Ø Tara got spanked for opening her diaper uninvited.

Ø Mrini got spanked for yanking the washing machine drainage pipe out of the drain.

Ø They both got yelled at for eating the balcony railing.

Ø And for opening the cabinet that houses the UPS and other electronic equipment that they can shock themselves with.

Ø Undaunted, they attacked the kitchen cabinets, which is one of their favourite pastimes. I had finally gotten around to buying one of those child-proof locks for the most-attacked kitchen cabinet, but it wouldn’t work on the other cabinets. Naturally, finding themselves locked out of their favourite play area, they attacked the other cabinets. One of these has sliding trays that they can pull out and bring crashing down on their heads. It also has plastic bags, which they seem to enjoy tearing and eating, which can’t possibly be good for their digestions. The other cabinet has the garbage can, which also they enjoy playing with, for obvious reasons. And a third cabinet has all the metal saucepans, which they love to throw around and make a racket capable of raising the dead – to say nothing of the neighbours.

Ø Then they both fell over each other and they both bawled, causing me to almost pull my hair out and burn the paneer in the process. (This is a new one: so far, I have burnt boiled eggs, burnt boiled veggies, lots of burnt rice, and burnt boiled water to my credit.)

Ø Mrini threw her lunch on the floor and Tara fell asleep while eating.

Ø It’s a lousy cold, cloudy, gloomy day,with rain threatening.

Ø The washing machine isn’t working. And since nothing ever dries anyway, I already have a three-day backlog of dirty laundry.

Ø Amit is going to get home late, again.

Ø My assignment isn’t writing itself… the way this blog is.

Ø And, if my purpose in life is to learn patience, I’m not doing a very good job of it.

And it’s only lunch time yet…

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