Tara Catching Up

Yesterday was THE day for Tara. After vacillating and prevaricating for as long as she could, she finally decided she had to walk. Naturally, she didn’t get very far – falling down every few steps and letting out yowls of frustration.

Mrini didn’t make it easy for her. Whenever I wanted to encourage Tara to walk towards me, Mrini came running in the way. If Tara wanted to take my hand, Mrini wanted both of them and she wanted them first and she didn’t want to let them go. If I praised Tara when she walked, Mrini wanted more praise (even though she already knows how to walk) or she sulked. So what with hardly getting any bandwidth from me and stumbling over Mrini at every step, it’s a miracle that Tara managed to accomplish anything at all.

I was worried that by today Tara might have forgotten that she had started to walk yesterday, but no – in the morning, even when she thought I wasn’t looking and therefore she had no external encouragement, she was back on her feet, tottering around, alternating between delight and frustration.

Though in most ways Tara is “behind” Mrini – smaller, thinner, and less exuberant therefore slower to follow instructions even if she wanted to – just two days ago she took us all by surprise by doing with ease and flamboyance what Mrini, even now, has not been able to.

She climbed on to the trunk. This is no mean feat, because the trunk is full of sharp corners, is covered with a slippery cloth, and half of the top is obscured by the large cardboard carton that is the receptacle for the twins’ clothes. So, overall the surface area for clambering onto is rather limited.

Tara not only had no training in climbing, she was not even at that point able to walk, and could stand only shakily. She had no visible incentive to climb on to the trunk, and nobody had put that idea into her head. Apparently, it just suddenly occurred to her that it might be a fun thing to do and so she went and did it.

The first time she managed to get on and off all right, but the second time when she tried to get off, her leg got stuck on the trunk and she howled. I helped her, but that was the only time I was called to the rescue.

Mrini was watching somewhat enviously, but when she tried, she couldn’t – she just didn’t have the knack of it.

Again, I was wondering whether by next morning Tara would have forgotten this new skill, but no. First thing in the morning, she was back at the trunk and she spent 30-40 minutes practising. There’s dedication and commitment for you. She exhibited such extreme determination that once when she landed awkwardly while getting off, and hit her head on the floor with a thunk, she didn’t give so much as a whimper; instead, she picked herself up and went right back to climb it again. And this is Tara, the cry baby, who whines for even the slightest imagined injuries.

Kids! There’s never a dull moment.

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