I’m Going to Try

I rarely write poetry; I have no feel for it. But sometimes, my brain just goes into “rhyme” mode and I can’t help it. SO, with all due apologies for letting this horrible creation see the light of day…

I’m Going to Try

Trying to think in rhyme,

Is a great way to kill time;

Don’t you know that it’s a crime,

To be quite as bored as I am?

Staring at the computer screen,

Eyes glazed, sight unseen,

Thinkin’ of what might have been,

Do you know what I mean?

Could be sitting under a tree,

Or going on a shopping spree,

Foot loose and fancy free,

As unfettered as could be.

Or walking on a mountain side,

Along a valley long and wide,

Or by the sea at change of tide,

I could take all that in my stride.

But this is different, it’s no fun,

When everything is said and done,

And the war is lost… or won…

To have mattered to no one.

I’m going to change, I’m going to try,

I’m going to learn to run, to fly!

Maybe I’ll laugh, mabye cry,

At least I’ll know, that I did try.

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