Crow’s Nest

No, I’m not referring to my hair.

Since it’s my work from home day, I’ve been whiling away my lunch hour trying to shoot the crows at their nest. I haven’t managed to get a shot of the two of them together, but I did manage to get one of what I presume is the female crow (crowess? crowhen?) sitting on the eggs.

It was quite difficult to get her to cooperate. She flew away whenever she saw me coming. What kind of a mum is she, abandoning her eggs like that? I waited patiently beside the window, camera at the ready, but she wouldn’t come to the nest. She sat on a neighboring branch and waited and watched and watched and waited. After a while, the second crow came by, and she talked to him briefly, seemed to be instructing him to buzz off and buy some worms and whatnot from the nearby grocery. He flew off, and she resumed her watching and waiting strategy. This had been going on for half an hour, and my knees were beginning to complain.

So, I got out the tripod and rigged up the camera on that. I did want a remote shutter release, but we haven’t got one, so I approached the window with camera and tripod. She didn’t seem to mind the tripod so much – after regarding it warily for a few minutes, she returned to the nest and sat on her eggs. I sat below the level of the window, so she couldn’t see me, and gradually raised my head till I could look through the eye piece. Actually, I had already set up the shot, so I didn’t even need to look through the eye piece, I could have clicked blind. Anyway, apparently my head behind the tripod was not considered much of a threat – I guess she just didn’t like the sight of my face! – and the click of the shutter didn’t disturb her either.

My shot for the day accomplished, I turned to my lunch, taking a seat facing the window so that I could watch while eating. Yeah, yeah, invasion of privacy and all that, but who told the stupid birds to go and make their bedroom right outside my living room window? They’re invading my privacy by watching me eat lunch if you ask me.

While I ate and watched, I witnessed a rather shocking event. A crow came out of the blue and started trying to mate with the crowess who was sitting on the eggs. She cawed frantically, in what seemed to me a rather protesting manner. Apparently this was not her approved mate – or perhaps she was just not in the mood? Before I could come to any conclusion on this, another crow came and angrily chased the offending crow away. So was this her husband, flying to her defence? Had I just witnessed an attempted extra-marital rape of an “expecting” crowess? This was not doing the reputation of crows any good. Carrion eaters and rapists of expectant mothers! They’re almost as bad as humans! At least the husband came to her defence – what would have been even worse would be if he had just stood around and watched – and applauded!

Did you know: the collective noun for a group of crows is… you’ll never guess this one… no, not flock, not even if they are birds of a feather… it’s… murder! No kidding:


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