Going to Bangkok

We leave for Bangkok tonight. Apparently, this realization dawned on us only yesterday. I had done some preliminary work by going shopping for some loose cotton pants, which turned out to be two pairs of cargo pants (the sort you wouldn’t be caught dead in, but I’m hoping not to be seen by anyone I know) and a swimsuit.

That was the extent of our trip preparation. I don’t think I have ever approached a holiday, specially a foreign holiday, in quite such a cavalier fashion. As of yesterday morning, all we had was the return air tickets. No visa, no forex, no room reservations, no cargo pants, no swimsuit, no sun screen – in short, no clue!

Now, we are much better organized. Clothes, backpack, cameras, printed material giving information regarding accommodation and sundry other odds and ends are lying scattered around the study. The washing machine is busy trying to get us some clean clothes to carry – I hope it behaves, just for once. My hair is heavily coconut-oiled, in anticipation of a second dose of the sunsilk treatment. I have even selected reading material for the trip. Youth hostel cards have been unearthed. Some ancient USD Traveler’s Cheques have somehow resurfaced. Travel Insurance, even, might be in the pipeline – Amit wrote to our insurance chap last night asking whether it could be home delivered today!!!

Are we organized, or what?

I’ll go with the “what”. 😀

Currently the plan is to spend Friday in Bangkok, travel to a large but remote island on Saturday, stay there on Sunday, leave on Monday, hopefully returning to Bangkok the same day, and spend half of Tuesday in Bangkok before catching our flight back.

Sounds hectic, doesn’t it? Let’s see how it pans out. See you next week!

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