Going to Ladakh

July 24, 2006
I’m oscillating between hope and despair in the final few days before leaving for Leh. The reason: I’ve been down with a virulent viral since last week. Over the weekend, the fever came and went and I was not averse to spending long hours lying in bed and doing nothing – most unusual for me. Now the fever seems to have gone, but I’m left with a cough, stuffed nose and heavy head. Nothing unusual for a cold.

Trouble is, it was a much less potent cold last year, which, followed by a trip to Leh upgraded itself to Pulmonary Edema in short order. Not only is Pulmonary Edema potentially fatal (as opposed to a common cold that only makes you feel like death) but I also managed to ignore it long enough to bring matters dangerously close to critical.

So, naturally, it is with misgivings and in the face of some concern from near and dear ones, that I prepare for the departure to Leh this weekend.

My state of mind is not improved by the news from my would-be publishers, who recently announced that they would rather not be.

So, with these various slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, life goes on.

For news from Leh, watch this space after 4 weeks.

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