Achievements and Regrets

January 25, 2006

I had gone for my weekly walk (it’s supposed to be daily, but it sort of becomes weekly) and thinking about nothing, as one does when walking alone in the park, and I started thinking of all the things I had done that I was happy about. And one thing led to another and finally this is what resulted (in no particular order):

I’m glad that I

  • Took a break from work to go trekking in the Himalayas for 3 months
  • Finally got around to buying and riding a ‘guy’s bike’
  • Enrolled for a Master’s degree – so many years after graduation (and in a completely different subject)
  • Taught myself to whistle with two fingers in my mouth (after years of trying)
  • Learnt horse riding

    I’m glad I did not

    • Attend full-time college
    • Stay too close to family (or in-laws)
    • Stay on at KF till I lost my sanity (though it was a near thing…)

      I wish had (or I would still like to)

      • Continued learning music
      • Had kids. And dogs. (And horses. And a farmhouse outside the city. Ok, ok, getting carried away…)
      • Written a book that got published (and became a best seller in it class)
      • Learnt to sing
      • Learnt to play tennis at a younger age (I first tried when I was in my early teens – so many years wasted!)

        I wish I had not

        • Crashed the car I was driving. Twice. (Still haven’t fully recovered from those)
        • Given up the idea of studying Archaeology (just because everyone else thought it was a bad idea)
        • Been so thoroughly mal-adjusted in the US.

          The idea was to list the top 5 in each category. I’m happy to say that in two categories I could not find 5. (Ok, this has been censored a bit… that’s allowed.) This was an interesting exercise. Anyone else inclined to take a shot at it?

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